Ron Paul: After Nice Attack – Round Up the Usual Suspects?

Who benefits from attacks like we saw in Nice, France yesterday? The authoritarians never waste a minute exploiting these events to call for more restrictions on our liberties. Take away guns, monitor our phone calls, restrict our movement, censor the Internet. But the one thing they will never do is look at our foreign policy, to look at our unfair central banking system, to consider the damage of the drug war. Whether on the Right or the Left, authoritarians are hammers and all they see are nails. We are the nails. More on Nice attack and its aftermath in today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

11 thoughts on “Ron Paul: After Nice Attack – Round Up the Usual Suspects?”

  1. ISIS was bound to claim some sort of responsibility for the Nice attack- to do so suits their agenda of turning the West against Muslims, no matter how peaceful or innocent they may be. Attacks they have nothing to do with they’ll happily claim because it furthers their purpose.

    1. I find it pretty alarming how quick everyone is to believe that it must be that they are the ones behind it.

      How is it possible that some group that was formed just a year ago due to the US arming of different factions in Syria is suddenly performing planned attacks around the entire earth? The only reason everyone can come up with is..”Well they want to pray 5 times a day and don’t drink alcohol!! That must be the reason behind this!”

      Ron Paul is like the only adult left.

    2. Your innocent muslims have killed 270 million non-muslims last 1400 years.

  2. Readers must recognize that Saudi Oil Money is drenching politics … many of these voices have a financial interest in advancing MUSLIM interests..

    I do not believe Dr. Paul has no agenda here…. There is a financial component to every single defense of the war on the west.

    Hillary’s lover is Muslim. Obama – we now know – is a Muslim…

    Saudi money influences the Bush/Clinton Crime syndicate… and I refuse to believe that this defense of Muslims is without a money trail.

    I am so disappointed in Dr. Paul….. the world is awash in 1.7 billion Muslims who hate us, hate our culture… and are coming here in numbers enough to destroy our country.

    1. My agenda is to leave the planet a little better off than when I came in. I’ve heard the same type of propaganda about Muslims from a fellow in Norway who killed a bunch of other Norwegians in order to teach them that they should hate Muslim PEOPLE as much as he did. It’s in his manifesto. We’ve got it published on notmytribe dot com. Only difference was he claimed a billion victims of Islam over a mere thousand years. The crusaders were represented well by Richard Couer d’Leon, he had more Christians killed than were killed by Muslims and more Christians and Jews killed than he had muslims killed. That’s really damned difficulty to put into one sentence but by golly I did it. Hooray for me.

      1. The anti-Muslim slaughter of mostly Christians was in July of 2011. Not very long ago. I could say Anti-Islam almost interchangeable but it’s a distinction like saying Catholics (the people individually and collectively) in contrast to Catholicism. I give free language lessons. Just an extra service without extra charge. One fellow just a few weeks ago said “well, who do YOU think of when you hear the word Terrorist?” and I immediately thought of Ireland and their share in the Inquisition and Crusades. Which were left in effect until Vatican 2 which was in 1966. Yeah. It was in my lifetime. The Church let Copernicus out of purgatory, took away the Index of Forbidden Books and of course officially ended the Crusades and Inquisition. I have Irish relatives and Native American relatives and both (“all” as Irish are really fragmented) sides had a hell of a lot of members slaughtered by Christians.

  3. I had a cordial chat with somebody insisting on hate speech against Muslims and Immigrants and any combination. On behalf of the Trump campaign. If this is the harbinger of the type of ignorance we’ll be enduring post-election, whichever side prevails, we all lose. Jill, not Hill or Trump.

    yeah, that’s a blatant campaign push. What are the other alternatives again?

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