Ron Paul on War Clouds Gathering Over Crimea

Russia claims that Ukraine sent a sabotage team into Crimea over the weekend, armed with bombs and military equipment. Russian president Putin has pulled out of the “Normandy” talks in response. Ukrainian president Poroshenko denied any involvement in an attack on Crimea and responded to the charges by placing his military on high alert and massing on Ukraine’s border with Crimea. Tensions are rising to levels not seen in a year. Meanwhile, US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt is publishing incendiary Tweets designed to embolden Ukraine to make a move on Crimea. Is the US trying to stir things up, or is Pyatt a loose cannon? More on the dangerous situation in today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

3 thoughts on “Ron Paul on War Clouds Gathering Over Crimea”

  1. It seems like Trump’s push for world peace is too much for the arms industry and their backers in congress.I am sure that Trump wanted to use the savings from his peace initiatives to eliminate poverty for us and the world.He is use to building things for for all kinds useful projects and not wasting money was the first aim. The arms industry don’t give a dam what their output ends up for as does their promoters in congress.

  2. Ron Paul – what a wise elder he is. Ashame, that the the American leadership doesn’t see a that all information from truthful leaders are the way to a normal world. 90% of the American leadership is in Treason and they need to be dealt swift punishment and exiled – at least.

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