US Weapons Fuel Saudi Slaughter in Yemen

The Saudis have purchased more than $100 billion in weapons from the US during the Obama presidency. Much of it has been used to attack next-door Yemen in attempt to restore a deposed president. Over the past several days the Saudis have bombed a school, a hospital, and a potato chip factory. Scores of civilians have been killed. Washington has yet to condemn the slaughter carried out by the Saudis with US weapons. Now the Saudis want another billion dollars worth of weapons from the US to continue their war of aggression. There is little push-back in military-industrial complex-controlled Washington. But is this foreign policy good for America? Today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report.

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

2 thoughts on “US Weapons Fuel Saudi Slaughter in Yemen”

  1. You remember the song about 9-11 with the words “I watch CNN but not sure I could tell you, the difference in Iraq and Iran” ? I think it was Toby Keith cashing in on the War Parade. The one thing I’m not sure of is the Toby Keith part. Whoever it was, cashed in, and actually said he’s proud of ignorance.

    That’s just wonderful. Not only a lot of people not knowing anything at all about differences in Islamic sects like Ba’hai and Hannafi and Sunni and Shi’ite, they call all people in the Middle East “Arabs” and pronounce it “Ay-rab”, don’t pay attention to the fact that there were monasteries and churches and synagogues in Palestine/Israel during the Muslim rule over Jerusalem (which was most of the past 1400 years) AND in Iraq AND Syria… Oh hell to the no! Everybody simply knows they’re all Ay-rabs and all Muslims and it’s all a giant monolithic conspiracy to kill everybody who isn’t in the jihad.

    The “arm all the belligerent parties” folks who did the same thing in so very many conflicts are at it again, and leaving a trail of slime a mile wide to let us know whence they came and where they went.

    Just a friendly reminder. It’s easier to resist when we know who we’re resisting.

    And our biggest enemy now is our fellow Americans, not that many of them in the selling war business but a whole lot who simply need to learn, a lot better than they learned in school.

    1. “When peaceful revolution is impossible, violent revolution is
      inevitable.” – John Kennedy-

      It’s this “violent revolution” that has been throughout
      history attacked by the powers-that-be in an even more violent manner.
      The super rich and powerful do NOT want to relinquish their positions to
      progressive reforms that will take money out of their pockets and
      distribute it in a more fair manner among the people. Americans ARE slowly learning about all the lies they have been brainwashed to believe about the sanctity and greatness of America. But therte are seemingly always enough ignorant morons to “elect” people who continue the abuse of mankind.

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