Ron Paul on the US Policy Shift In Syria; Pentagon’s Lost Trillions

Why is the US warning Syria not to shoot back at Kurdish militia members who are firing on Syrian military positions? Because US Special Forces troops are fighting alongside the Kurds. But it also may be a shift in US policy away from its stated focus on ISIS and toward a focus on removing Assad. House Speaker Paul Ryan inexplicably released a statement at the end of last week castigating the Obama Administration for failing to attack the Assad government after the 2013 chemical attack in Ghouta. That all evidence points to a false flag rather than Syrian government culpability means little to Ryan’s propaganda team. With US-backed militants facing the possibility of a crushing defeat at Aleppo, it looks as if the US may be shifting toward direct confrontation with Assad (and by default also with Russia). This and more in today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

2 thoughts on “Ron Paul on the US Policy Shift In Syria; Pentagon’s Lost Trillions”

  1. Hopefully a President Trump will be less insane.

    I might not always agree with Dr. Paul, but I’m sure glad he’s up there speaking on what no one else will speak on. And he’s honest, not manipulative. That’s a valuable thing.

    China’s also involved. I hope Obama doesn’t start WWIII against Iran-Russia-China.

  2. To play on Trump’s words, I think Trump should speak out against arming the Saudis.

    “What has he got to lose?” If he can’t win, he should just start hammering US foreign policy. And I actually am a trade protectionist, so I don’t agree fully with most folks here, but I would very much like Trump to hit on the issues. He has real arguments, which is rare for a politician.

    Trump has been taking real positions, but voters never seem to hear them. All we see is, “Trump insults people” or “Hillary’s emails”. Seemingly, voters don’t care about actual issues.

    Anyway, if Trump decides he can no longer win, I want him to just hit foreign policy hard. Let’s obliterate Bushism!

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