Is There a Turkish-Russian Alliance: Why Should We Care?

Are alliance sands shifting in the Middle East? Is post-coup attempt Turkey turning increasingly to Russia and away from the US on the Syria issue? It all may be true but we went down the wrong path back in 2011 when Obama announced that “Assad must go” and dedicated the US to his overthrow. We may not be able to correct the mistakes that have been made, but the only solution to not make things worse is to just come home. Get out of the Middle East. No more regime change. Non-intervention. More today in the Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

3 thoughts on “Is There a Turkish-Russian Alliance: Why Should We Care?”

  1. During the Trump campaign, we’ve all rallied to “defeat ISIS, ‘fix’ what we’ve broken, leave the ME”. It isn’t perfect, but it seems the best we can get.

    Well, the pro-war supporters (Neocon? I dunno) have reworded this into: “Obama aided ISIS and Assad.” The implication then is that we must defeat both Assad and ISIS…

    That of course makes no sense. Anyway, it’s a surprising reversal. So, to clarify: We began as rallying against regime change, but now some are trying to redirect the message into a desire for regime change.

    1. The key +1 is that current foreign policy is contrary to our interests. So, it’s not only non-aggression principle but also realpolitik.

      I might support even a preemptive strike were a real US interest to arise. I’ve just never seen such a thing. Absolutely no one threatens us. If we wanted, we could probably reach a deal with China over N. Korea. China could reunite Korea, with our support.

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