Some Important Things That Really Do Matter About Hillary Clinton

Even if everyone does it, that does not make it right. That excuse did not work for you in 6th grade when you were caught smoking in the girl’s room and it should not be accepted from a presidential candidate or her supporters in the media.

Many politicians do crappy things. That is not an excuse for you to also do them. See above.

“Well, at least I wasn’t indicted” is not a very high standard for the presidency.

“There is no proof of quid pro quo.” What do you mean by proof? A notarized statement “This guy gave us money, so let’s sell him weapons?” Reality doesn’t work that way so spare us the strawman argument. Phone calls are made. Conversations happen. Minions learn quickly what their boss wants. People at the Clintons’ level rarely leave paper trails behind and when they do, they delete them before the FBI arrives to pick up the server.

If someone offers you millions of dollars for essentially no work (i.e., a speech) they are going to want something in return. If you want more money, you will need to give something to them.

“All they wanted was a meeting with the secretary to offer their views.” Sure, maybe. But in Washington the currency is closeness to power. For a wealthy person, buying just material things loses its charm after awhile. They buy access, they buy the appearance of power, they buy chances to take those photos of themselves with prominent world leaders all rich people have on their walls. You look like a sap, arm candy in return for cash. Quid pro quo can mean a meeting, a visa issued, an arms deal made.

Follow the money. Always follow the money.

If the secretary of state’s name is Clinton and the foundation receiving the money is named Clinton, they are part of the same thing.

If you put classified material on an unclassified server, that is wrong. It exposes that material to America’s adversaries. Presidents should simply not do that. No one else in government has ever knowingly been allowed to do that.

There is such a thing inside the U.S. government called retroactive classification. You may not like it, and you may have convinced sops in the media to pretend with you it does not exist, but it is real. I’ll Google it for you, here, and here. Someone please call CNN and pass them those links.

The Clinton Foundation as a charity has done some good deeds. But do not conflate those with its role as a money laundering tool. The two are very separate functions of the same organization. And you can have the first without the second. In fact, that’s how good charities work.

Avoiding even the appearance of unethical behavior is important. Persons throughout the government watch what their senior leaders do as signals as to what they can get away with. Leadership matters, and that means staying clean and making sure everyone sees that you are clean. You lead by example, one way or the other.

When global leaders come to wonder if you can be bought off for some “donations,” they will either lose respect for you, or want to buy you off themselves. They will not simply ignore it.

Putin could really not give a sh*t which assclown is elected president. He’ll go on acting in his country’s best interests no matter who is in the White House, as he has done through multiple administrations already. Get over yourself.

Hiding from the press and not holding press conferences seems like the behavior of a petulant six-year-old.

It is not leadership nor is it presidential to be caught as a liar and a prevaricator on a regular basis. People do not trust you; not voters, not the Congresspeople you will need to work with, not other world leaders you will have to negotiate with.

The lesser of two evils is still evil. Why do you want to knowingly vote for evil?

Peter Van Buren blew the whistle on State Department waste and mismanagement during Iraqi reconstruction in his first book, We Meant Well: How I Helped Lose the Battle for the Hearts and Minds of the Iraqi People. His latest book is Ghosts of Tom Joad: A Story of the #99 Percent. Reprinted from the his blog with permission.

2 thoughts on “Some Important Things That Really Do Matter About Hillary Clinton”

  1. How can anyone suport somone who want start killing russian troops in Syria and Ukraina? If she was qualyfied for that job, she`ll know what she risk. Do anyboady trust that kind of person to have a nunclear arsenal? I hope not, I realy hoope the Amerikans do not trust her, because I live in Norway. We are a Nato contry who has common border with Russia, and I do`nt wanna be nuced.

    1. Most Europeans, not you, seem to readily buy into media propaganda, totally incapable of thinking for themselves. I’m sorry, but Europeans are worse than Americans in this regard. And Americans are bad.

      Most Europeans likely prefer Hillary over Trump. Trump is perceived as “right wing” which always suggests “pro-war”, despite how much of his popularity is driven by his rejection of Neocon imperialism. And the media has portrayed Trump as somehow dangerous, even suggesting Trump wants to use nukes.

      Between the two candidates, Trump has the better foreign policy. I hope the third party candidates, excluding Egghead McMuffin, can pressure Trump into becoming even more noninterventionist.

      Egghead McMuffin, btw, is running as an Independent. He’s a sort of Neocon pro-war, pro-globalism candidate. Neocons are backing Hillary, but McMuffin seems intent on pressuring Trump or at least dividing his support.

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