Peter Van Buren on What Lesson To Take From Snowden Movie?

The NSA is collecting every aspect of our lives and storing them in a massive database. Most Americans are not paying attention to the encroaching total surveillance state. Thanks to Oliver Stone’s new film, “Snowden,” however, there is some hope for grassroots opposition to encroaching tyranny. Former State Department official and whistleblower Peter Van Buren joins today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

7 thoughts on “Peter Van Buren on What Lesson To Take From Snowden Movie?”

    1. A: “Home Land” in which (normal) American: citizens are (intrusively {and: maddeningly}): monitored (while the: black {and: Islamic} radicals living amongst us are allowed to: plan {and: perpetrate} their: crimes of: violent mass: terrorism against us with {seeming}: impunity {accompanied by [as : journalist: Justin Raimondo has: pointed out]} the {tacit}: approval of: “our”: nations: President {and: his: duplicitous minions staffing some of the: highest positions of: “authority” of: our: nations: Department of: Home Land: [so: called] “Security”}).

        1. What, you were able to actually extract MEANING from that? From the random symbol usage and word salad, I’ve always kind of assumed that du Fresne is a poorly coded script/bot of some kind.

          1. Reads like dogwhistle racism and trolling to me. The symbols just seem to be an alternative to the now anachronistic “Leetspeak” dialect common amongst neckbeards and basement dwellers.

            It’s just the way my brain works…

          2. It’s not dog whistle racism. It’s rather direct, just full of odd typing. The author likely has mental problems, hence the stylish writing (similar to why some use curse words and create slang no one else can understand; it’s meant to appear as clever when actual cleverness is difficult). But the concept of “anarcho-tyranny” should be learned by all.

            Dog whistle refers to implied racism that isn’t directly stated. Du Fresne’s post is directly stated.

            Trump’s call to reduce immigration, to bring in higher quality immigrants, is alleged by some to be “dog whistle racism”, because it’s said “high quality” means “white”.

            I would say that’s entirely unfair to Trump, that he has not used race. Regardless, that’s an example of dog whistle. I could use a libertarian example by saying “Social Darwinism”, which many libertarians uphold, is implied as “reducing nonwhite child births”. Or similarly it’s meant as, “will not overpay lazy blacks”. There’s legitimate racism across the political spectrum.

            And I would criticise Trump in areas, just don’t think he’s racial. I sometimes wish we could put a wig on Rand Paul, cart him on stage when Trump’s talking foreign policy. Trump has declared he won’t spy on citizens domestically at least.

          3. If there’s sense to it, then du Fresne is arguing Sam Francis’s anarcho-tyranny concept, which is a brilliant concept. And yes, Francis was fully racial. But the concept stands on its own. It’s like a math problem.

            I dunno why anyone would write like that though. I wouldn’t have approved du Fresne.

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