Assad Must Stay: US Policy Shift In Syria?

According to the Washington Post, President Obama did a 180 degree turn in Syria and will begin attacking al-Qaeda’s affiliate in the country. The five year “Assad must go” strategy lies in tatters, as Assad will likely still be in power when it’s time for Obama to go. What are the implications of this shift? We discuss on today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

3 thoughts on “Assad Must Stay: US Policy Shift In Syria?”

  1. Assad said Obama must go before there can be peace in Syria.
    In reality it was Assad who by sneaky deception forced the American voters to boot Obama out of office and elect Trump.
    Its unprecedented that a Middle East President from Syria in this way interfere in an US election and choose which US President he wants.
    Assad also said Hollande and Merkel must go, and now Hollande and Merkel fear the same fate that they also will feel Assad´s boot in their butts.

    1. Nice topsy-turvy-irony comment. My hat off to you, Sir.
      Perhaps I could in some small way contribute by adding an alternative spelling: It should be “Meddle East”.

  2. Now that you can¨t have private email servers anymore
    Obama has to fly personally to give Soros’ latest guide lines,
    on the Assad issue,to Merkel, Hollande and all the other
    Bilderberg globalist followers.

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