Ron Paul on the Coming Fall Of Aleppo: Victory For Whom?

Over the past week, the Syrian military has re-taken more than 40 percent of the territory in east Aleppo that had for several years been controlled by the rebels. Most believe that this last large population center not controlled by the government will soon return to government control. After this, the nearly six year insurgency would likely soon be completely defeated. Meanwhile Secretary of State John Kerry is reportedly desperately attempting to make an agreement with the Russian government to halt the Syrian army advance into rebel-held east Aleppo. The Obama Administration fears a new US policy toward Syria would be launched by the incoming Trump Administration and is eager to preserve a flicker of the regime-change project in Syria. What happens next? Tune in to today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

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  1. Ron Paul for world president and Nobel peace prize . One of the most decent upright and honest leaders in the world.

    1. For Secretary of State. US would be splendidly represented. Other countries need to see a real American, not the likes of Victoria Nuland and her neocon clan.

  2. Thank you for the great service.
    I would like to answer the question. Victory for Whom? It is a great victory for the population of East Aleppo that suffered years of being kept hostage by groups that nobody with any conscience can describe as “opposition” or “rebels”, or “revolutionaries”. All the groups that held Aleppo all these years are known. We know their names, we know their history throughout the Syria’s ordeal. To just name the largest ones, Al-Nusra, Army of Conquest, Jaish Al-Islam, Jaish Al-Zinka, and a few factions of Free Syrian Army. All these groups are Salafi religious cults, with their own version of Islam being forced upon population.
    Based on all unbiased reports from the beginning of the conflict, it was clear that armed groups — without any proclaimed political agenda — and with cult mentality, sprang into action against completely unprepared population, and an overwhelmed Army. The years of “equipping and training” of foreign fighters that were inserted into Syria from both Turkey and Jordan, added strength to Al-Qaeda branch. I know that many people know this — but it is worth repeating. Many years before ISIS sprang onto our screens, all these above mentioned groups have been killing civilians — mostly Shia and Christians. But Sunni population was not spared — just the opposite — they were killed to spread fear and ensure compliance. Sunni in major cities were never supporters of any of these groups, but from day one supported Syrian government and Syrian army. Why? Because they are the most educated segment of Syrian population, and most wealthy. Majority of them westernized, and secular in their daily lives. All women in Syrian major cities were likely to go to university, have a job, run a business, dress as they please, and marry who they please. This is the reason why the religious establishment — Sunni, Shia and Christian — supported and support Syrian Government until today. Why hide the fact that Syria’s first lady is a westernized woman, an investment banker with Harvard degree. This kind of woman we would like to subject to the tender mercies of our darling revolutionaries?
    The Arab Spring protests were a natural outcome of the mood of population — depressed economy was a great deal on the protesters’ minds. But what we so sloppily overlooked is the impact of Iraqi refugees. US invasion resulted in a massive refugee crisis, with over a million of Sunni Iraqis joining the ranks of the unemployed. Saudi Arabia assiduously worked to provide not just help in food and supplies, but brought its religious leaders that preached Saudi Wahhabism to the distressed population. Salafism is just a name for “true believers” into Wahhabi Sunni sect that is today controlling Mecca. This is THE KEY REASON for the protracted conflict in Syria — the belief of many of Iraqis that settled in Syria that they were poor because the leader is Shia, and does not care for them. This was a very primitive propaganda by Saudi Arabia — but it worked. So, in addition to groups that were foreign funded from the start, Syrian Army was confronted by Salafi population — mostly of Iraqi Sunni refugees that settled in its countryside, and some sectors of towns across Syria.
    But the conflicts among population between Salafi Sunni and their neighbors, Shia and Christian, as bad as it was in some places — did not do lasting damage to Syria. Slowly but surely, so called reconciliation agreements were signed by communities — and they are holding well. Many of those communities realized that they were sucked into a larger agenda, and did not want to have part of it. In fact, the reconciliation agreements worked so well, that Syrian army was able to leave the policing to the communities, and pull its forces to the fronts where the foreign funded groups occupied.
    While Raqqa is still under ISIS, Syrian Army focused on the main terror groups. Terror groups? Yes, as their long history of dealing with population proves. Years of executions by beheading that did not spare elderly or small children — are etched in the memory of Syrian people. Cutting bodies and hanging them on trees, stuffing crosses down Christian throats, kidnapping girls for “marriage” and boys by the “recruiters” has scarred Syrian population. Anyone who thinks that these groups have ANY supporters in the country are deluded. One of the groups we are now trying so hard to protect from the vicious Assad — is known for chopping children by chain saw. One of the groups — Al-Zinka, just a few weeks ago released a video of beheading of a boy. Our press — to their shame — tried to minimize the damage, saying that the boy was really 12 years old. But for those that do not believe, check out. The little boy in shorts, with his little legs dangling minutes before beheading, cannot be more then seven.
    How far are we prepared to go to perpetuate a lie. A lie that the Army and the regime is bad, all the official religious leaders — Sunni, Shia, Christian, Druze — are bad, only our “rebels” are good. Even though, these groups have proven year after year that they are savages, with no real political motivation — other then kill their way to power.
    Victory for Whom? For all those parents in Aleppo that had to hide their boys and girls over the age of seven — to prevent them from being kidnapped. They had to hide them in the rubble — and if discovered, would be killed just to set an example, as that poor little boy.
    Victory for Whom? For all those suffering people of Aleppo who were not allowed to leave, even if sick and in need of health care. The care was available just across the battle line in government held part of town, but they were not allowed to go. A few years ago, terrorists were giving people a pass to go to other side of Aleppo for a funeral. Their families were hostages and guaranteed that they will return. But that has not been allowed now for years.
    This is a victory for all those scared and hungry, sick and exhausted, little and old. And our leadership is having sympathies for the worst scum we have seen in recent history. Why? To find a way to deny Assad and Russia a victory? A geopolitical jealousy? Is this as simple as that? How low can we possibly go — to protect our poor choices and our poor judgment?
    Our media and leadership having spent so much time demonizing the leadership of Syria, now cannot climb down. They never thought they could lose, as they thought they control the reality and the very description of reality. And when Obama says that Right makes Might, not the other way around, I can just tell him this. No, President Obama, sometimes Might is Right — it is right to liberate suffering population. And those are the times that might is used for just purpose.
    Not all the pockets of terrorists will be extinguished after the fall of Aleppo. But at least, a nightmare of civilians ended. There are NO good people among the “defenders” of Aleppo. These are the people that cannot be reintegrated into society — and huge problem will remain for Syria and the region. They are already taking aim at Turkey that has attacked ISIS along its border.
    But I would venture to say that I hope the new administration does not get involved with any nation building. Kurds have not been universally good guys. Quite to the contrary, using US as its air force, Kurds have been fighting ISIS, but only to ethnically cleanse the taken cities and villages — in order to create a contiguous area along Turkish border. This should not stand, and Turkey has been able to attract many groups of former Free Syrian Army to join them in order to reverse the ethnic cleansing of these regions. Lately, Kurds have been helping Syrian Army, as they see the handwriting on the wall. They need to come to terms with Damascus, not have State Department write their Constitution, and have another Kosovo in the region.
    This victory is also bringing hope to many people of Syria — that the war may just be over soon, and normalcy return to the country.
    While much more difficulties are in store for Syria, at least, the plight of Aleppo hostages is over. Now, Idlib and Raqqa remain. So many different groups are there, and the question is — which one of them will control all the others. The prospect for coming to an agreement is not good. The “opposition” of murderers and torturers is not something any human being should be forced to accept as neighbors.
    For the sake of Syria, may be somebody will take them. Saudi Arabia, that did so much damage to the region by sponsoring these violent cults may be the only one to find a common language with them, and may resettle them in their country. Let us hope the irresponsible kingdom pays a price for their dreams of caliphates.

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