GOP Rep. Thomas Massie: Judge President Trump on Adherence to Nonaggression Principle

Speaking this week with host Kennedy at Fox Business, US House Member Thomas Massie (R-KY) insisted that Donald Trump’s performance as president should be judged according to whether Trump adheres to the nonaggression principle that Massie describes as “the heart of libertarian principles.” Massie proceeded in the interview to define briefly the nonaggression principle as that “you don’t attack somebody if they don’t attack you.”

Massie volunteered that the thing he is most optimistic about with Trump having won the presidency “is we’re not going to war with Russia.” Massie continued that such a war may have been in the future if Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton had won the election. Further, Massie expressed optimism regarding some of Trump’s Cabinet choices, saying, “I wouldn’t call any of them libertarian yet, but, on the spectrum of smaller government or bigger government, I personally know some of them and they’re definitely small-government-type people.”

Referencing Trump’s 2016 Republican National Convention speech, Massie also said it “sort of warmed my heart” when Trump “took a swipe at the World Trade Organization.” Massie elaborated that “libertarians are for sovereignty and sovereign nations, and we don’t think we should subject US citizens to world government.”

Watch here the complete interview, including Massie’s comments regarding a report suggesting Trump may appoint Massie to be either the secretary of energy or the director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP):

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity. Massie is a member of the Ron Paul Institute.

2 thoughts on “GOP Rep. Thomas Massie: Judge President Trump on Adherence to Nonaggression Principle”

  1. I doubt very much that we would actually have gone to war with Russia, which is being used a the bogeyman in the closet by the establishment as their current whipping boy now that “radical fundamentalist terrorism” or whatever it’s specifically called has been wearing a little thin 15 years on.

    Things might get a little heated with Iran, though, given Trump’s cabinet appointments. Besides that, mentioning the cabinet, I’ll give Ben Carson the “Heckuva Job, Brownie,” award prematurely for being given a government post he has zero experience in and also displaying an inability to think outside his narrow little box.

    1. This is disrespectful. I do not believe that bureaucratic experience amounts to much where problems needed to be evaluated from fresh perspective. We had under Obama the most educated people occupying top jobs. Let me tell you what our top drawer Education Secretary came up with. It is called “Overrepresentation”. Schools are called out when a system detects an overrepresentation of a particular ethnic or racial group in special programs or disciplinary actions. There is a school in Virginia where a family adopted two Pacific Island kids that suffer from alcohol fetal syndrome. The school got a letter from the Department of Education being concerned that 100% of Pacific Island students are in special education program. Not to mention the complaints when a specific category is overrepresented in disciplinary actions. Teachers are savvy creatures, and they can survive boneheaded doctoral luminaries with zero common sense.
      We are overdue to have some common sense return to our top positions. And I am pleased to say, none of top appointees are top scholars,. but people with careers that prove their capabilities.
      Hillary has displayed recklessness with Libyan adventure, costing thousands of Libyans their lives. Totally unnecessary, just for the need for her to show her “leadership”.
      As for the radical fundamentalist terrorism, aka Islamic cults supported by Saudi Arabia, and used as weapon in many countries by US — is not a threat that is going away. Just the opposite, focus on Russia is getting someone a lots of money, while it is taking away the attention from the Middle East that is ablaze. And we are responsible for that. So, if Obama and Hillary wanted to take our attention away from the muddle they created in the Middle East, where they are now PRAISING the head chopping cults for being “opposition” — what better way then to focus on — Russia.
      And yes, Russia is really that dumb as to leave the visit card on their hacking device. In Cyrillic, the name of the official in FSB. So, very helpful of them! Never mind that this is nicely crafted in Ukraine. I would not be surprised if this is not actually taxpayers money. Just like the other one, PropOrNot.
      We are going to get into a lots of trouble if we allow any further spread of these cults. Saudi Arabia has been allowed to create groups that practice extreme cruelty, in order to scare the population into obedience. It almost worked.
      It has been copied from successful model in Kosovo. This is what KLA did to its own population — massacred whole families, until population understood that they must obey the drug lords and cheer for independence. But now, we the taxpayers are their slaves; al they have to do is burn Christian churches and monasteries, destroy graves, and otherwise terrorize remaining Christians — and US and NATO will forever stay in Kosovo, guarding around the clock for years and for eternity the most prominent Christian old monasteries, patriarchates and churches. Good for corrupt country economy — just have foreign troops there, and spend money. This is Kosovo version of tourism — forced tourism. I am wondering what will Trump do with such free loaders, since we gave them statehood, and now they are going to milk us. The stupidity of interventionism knows no bounds.

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