Ron Paul: Purported Russian Hack in US Election is Insignificant Compared to What US Does Overseas

“I think it’s politics more than anything else,” says former House of Representatives Member Ron Raul (R-TX) regarding calls for an investigation of purported hacking by the Russian government influencing the United States presidential election. Interviewed Wednesday on Fox Business, Paul continues that, even if Russia did what is alleged, Paul does not think it “made any difference.”

Paul — providing perspective on the matter — notes that the US government is interfering with elections around the world “all the time.” Paul also suggests reviewing the history of US government involvement in foreign countries, including “how many countries we invaded, how many people we have killed in order to have our guy in.” Looking to this history, Paul concludes, “we don’t have much room for condemning anybody else.”

Watch here a clip from the interview, in which Paul also comments regarding the Texas member of the Electoral College who cast a vote for Paul for president on Monday:

7 thoughts on “Ron Paul: Purported Russian Hack in US Election is Insignificant Compared to What US Does Overseas”

  1. There’s also the idea that the very shrill nature of the Red Scare tactic, it was like an agent provocateur action. Where all the real players were domestic.We were served two ridiculous choices, and told they were our only choice, that any off-brand product (politicians use the same advertising methods and corporations as WalMart or McDonalds or Ford) was a wasted vote.
    Conform or be cast out.

    1. Ron Paul is the best candidate, who ever run for president; but the establishment that control the corporate news media and other political organizations, do not want an honest statesman that cares about our country, the U.S. Constitution, the rule of law and the economic and welfare of the American people in the White house. The oligarchs that control our country have an agenda; and that is the “THE ONE WORLD ORDER” Control by the oligarchs owners of the world Bank, the IMF, The Federal Reserves Banks and the powerful transnational corporations. The objective is control the world’s natural resources, the world labor forces and the world economic. The control of the world economic will make all humans workers economic slaves through economic exploitation. Low paying jobs, a system of credit to create private debt, the propagandizing of material goods that are of not value to consumers, and the decay on our education system are the tools use by our oppressors to gain more control of us and make us slaves.

  2. Honesty was not Trumped in this election — thanks to Dr. Paul and many ordinary Texans. Meanwhile, the TX Lt. Governor, Dan Patrick, will be leading the effort to pass a law restricting electors while keeping everyone fighting over the “potty” (not pot) bill. It’s time for a full blown independent movement of the 42% of voters who are self-declared independents, especially in Texas.

    1. The greed for corporate money and power get our country into these ill wars, under the pretense that they are protecting the interest of the American people and Democracy. The wars in the Middle East is the worse human genocide and the destruction of the Middle east under the pretense that we are fighting terrorism. George W. Bush and his network of traitors plan the 9/11 demise of the towers and building #7 to get our support to invade Iraq and Afghanistan. 16 year of wars and we continue being in complete denial of the truth, after we were inform by experts that it was a control demolition act. The wars cost us thousands of our American soldiers lives and millions were killed including women and children and all for nothing, the wars were the work of traitors that want to control the oil reserves of the Middle east. We American must demand justice for humanity and the prosecution of all the ones connected to this crime against humanity and the demise of our trust in this corrupt system of government. The truth is that we the honest Americans that believe in our Constitution, Freedom, Liberty and the rule of law do not trust this corrupt establishment that has zero moral values and get our country to be part of this human genocide and the destruction of the Middle east.

  3. The establishment hate Ron Paul, because he always have said the truth. the fact is that our record as a bully that overthrow foreign countries and use the CIA and MCC aid organization is a fact, but no one want to tell the truth. The corporate media will report haft truths but never the facts; no one can trust a system of propaganda that is working for the establishment.

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