Ron Paul on the Tillerson Hearing: Will Trump Have A Neocon Foreign Policy?

Watching the Senate hearing for President-elect Trump’s Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, it seemed arch-neocon Bill Kristol might have been hiding somewhere feeding the former Exxon CEO his lines. He’s going to stop China from accessing islands it has constructed in the South China Sea? He endorses the neocon line about Russian “aggression” against Ukraine and Crimea? If America doesn’t “lead” the rest of the world, there will only be chaos and confusion? He wants to give Saudi Arabia a “pass” on its dismal human rights record? Let’s hope Tillerson is just telling the likes of Marco Rubio (R-FL) what he wants to hear, but should we bet on it? Tune in to today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

10 thoughts on “Ron Paul on the Tillerson Hearing: Will Trump Have A Neocon Foreign Policy?”

    1. I’ll put all my $$ on Trump’s general foreign policy emerging as one aligned with the pro-war, pro-intervention Neocons. I hope I’m wrong.

      1. Yeah, I can see that. I’ll put my chips on him being better on Russia than Hillary would have been–which, to me, is very important. No idea how he’ll be otherwise on war/intervention. I hope you’re wrong, too.

      2. Your fear is my fear and I hope I’m wrong too. My greatest fear is that the apartheid state of Israel will still be dictating the U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East.

        1. Looks like Trump is Israel’s bitch. Israel finally figured out Hillary would get too independent and screw everything up with her greed. She would nuke Israel if they got in her way, SERIOUSLY.

  1. The clue will be what he does with Victoria Nuland who was originally hired by Bill Clinton’s state department.

    1. If she looked more like Yulia Tymoshenko, Victoria Nuland would stand more of a chance of being retained.

      Nah, she”s gonna be sent packing anyways as her primary job has been to bait the Russian bear whereas The God Emperor of the Cherry Blossom Throne is sane about Russia.

      Why would America not want to be allies with a northern country (at one time part of western civilisation) teeming with scores of millions of (at least nominal ) Christians?

      1. Another hate hoax involving ‘Nazi propaganda’ alongside pro-Trump sentiment appeared in Berkeley yesterday. Naturally, this fraudulent Nazi incident is getting a lot of media attention. An anonymous ‘white supremacist’ put swastikas on some obscure, pro-Nazi broadsheet and then championed Trump in the same message. Oh sure. This is certainly Fake News.

        The fact that actual swastikas were printed on the paper indicates that it was a almost definitely a fraud. Hoaxes of this kind have become commonplace. At this point, they are designed to weaken Trump before he even takes office. Naturally, the MSM couldn’t resist publicizing the Nazi non-incident. It is a familiar and dishonest tactic. This is how the MSM worms its way into American life.

        MSM strategy: Amplify fake news. Ignore real news.

        Unfortunately, fake news has been, and will continue to be, used by the Zionized MSM to keep undue pressure on Pres. Trump. This underhanded tactic empowers the usual suspects.

        The MSM is also cheering on the elevation of Trump’s Jewish son-in-law, Jared Kushner to be America’s next intermediary in the never-ending, Mideast ‘peace process’. This, too, is fake.

        The deep artificiality of it all is becoming impossible to ignore. It’s possible that even America’s dopey sheeple are starting to see through this pathetic charade. One can hope anyway.

        This whole affair would be laughable if not for the fact that it’s frighteningly real. Clearly, Washington is being held hostage by that shitty little country and its ubiquitous operatives. Jewish power is so vast, and so terrifyingly effective, that it cannot even be acknowledged. No public figure dares. Not even Trump.

        Thus, the world’s foremost superpower is being held hostage by a tiny foreign power. Already, Pres. trump is in a box. This is good news for the Zions, bad news for America.

        1. When all else fails, scream Hitler, Nazi, Holocaust, only Jews roasting on an open fire like pigs. That Shit is getting old, real fast.

  2. Since Stormfront and David Duke proudly endorse him and he doesn’t do a damn thing to stop them, that lends credence to the “rumors” of Supremacist actions on his behalf. And my own initial encounters with Stormfront are more than a decade old, it doesn’t seem likely that the entire organization has been plotting for Trump, exactly Trump and none other to be president and to echo their sentiments which they posted ten years ago, yeah, I can see how that’s how lefty hippies rigged the whole thing. Personally, I feel he’s going to sell them out first.

    On the other hand, the National Enquirer tabloid, of which he is part owner, says this week that Trump had a “secret summit” with Putin to join forces to “DESTROY China”. How they had an exclusive detailed report on what was said, by whom, when and where.. instead he’s getting all pissy about somebody reporting that he takes golden showers. Like, who cares?

    I said it before, if he occasionally gets his freak on, and all parties are willing, that’s not nearly as destructive as planning and provoking foreign or domestic wars. You know, people get killed in wars. He’s not a victim, he got 3 million fewer officially counted votes than his conjoined duopoly twin, yet he has the job. Where is he a victim in all that, if people say things which he doesn’t approve? He and his disciples need to man up, grow a pair apiece, instead of whining that people don’t actually like him. Hillary also got a minority of the popular vote. Big… Hairy… Deal…

    However you would describe the planners of future wars or continuity of existent wars, or if he would willingly take their part, they’re most definitely his Kountry Klub Kroneys. They’re the ones who collectively have the funds to do ugly stuff like that. That he’s stacking his cabinet with the Forces of Evil makes it very easy to believe he’s going to … how was it said in the bible, “by peace conquer many” and something about “peace and safety, but there is no peace”.
    His true constituency is the very rich, any working people or laid off or disabled people aren’t on his christmas list, Just Like Always. Reagan and both the Georges pretended to be Just Plain Folks to get elected. Then turned around and gave massive subsidies to the already rich. And the biggest source of large piles of unattended cash has always been war.

    He got his trust fund, or at least his father did, by War Contracts. It’s nothing new, George Washington was an aristocrat whose slaves did all the work that gave him his fortune. Why would I think that such would actually do anything to benefit anybody except their own gluttony and avarice?

    He won’t be the first and probably won’t be the last to pull off a stunt like that.
    The Empire is dying. They ought to make a quick work of it.

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