Ron Paul on Trump’s 31 Airstrikes – A Taste of Things To Come?

Over the weekend, President Trump indicated that he would continue in his predecessor’s foreign policy. The US conducted some 31 airstrikes in Syria and Iraq and two drone strikes in Yemen. Will we achieve different results doing the same thing over and over? More in today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

16 thoughts on “Ron Paul on Trump’s 31 Airstrikes – A Taste of Things To Come?”

  1. If Israel and Saudi want it, we’ll give it to them. Doesn’t matter who is in office, apparently. Unholy alliance of military-industrial complex and two middle east theocracies (Israel and Saudi Arabia) trump all other concerns.

    1. sure he’ll be ‘different’ – he’ll be HUGELY worse
      like Obama out did Bush in attacking, droning & bombing, Trump will out do Obama in rabid support of theocratic dictatorships

      1. Very true! Obama bombed more countries than Bush did, and yet he is still considered by many to be less of a warmonger than Bush was.

        1. You’re on the talking point! It’s the number of countries as opposed to the scale of the wars.

          In any case, it’s time to drop the objections to the use of drones. That was only an issue with Obama and needs to be now seen as a thoughtful and discriminating way of killing the enemy, as opposed to bombing from 30,000 feet.

        2. Now we can start talking about Obamas warcrimes and terrorsuport without fearing for our jobs

    2. That would reveal an absence of silver lining to his election. I’m hoping he can still extricate the US from the World Police racket.

  2. Trump will bring all of Islam to its knees. He will destroy Isis and he will hunt down any terrorist in America and deport them. He is a machine, he never stops and he knows what he has to do, he has to destroy radical Islam that is his most important mission. He will also make America energy independent and urge the rest of the world to follow. This will destroy Saudi Arabia the country that funds most of the terrorism. Iran will also be weakened.

  3. Oh Ya, Afghanistan – How are those 300 marines doing in the Helmand Province – are the Poppy fields all secure now ?

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