Ron Paul on Trump’s Travel Ban: Targeting Terrorism… Or Iran?

President Trump’s recent Executive Order banning entry to citizens of seven mostly-Muslim countries for 90 days has sparked protest and outrage. Lost in the din created by the protests is the fact that these seven countries have something in common: they have been targeted by the US for bombs or regime change. Where Iraq and Syria are now considered terrorist threats, for example, before US regime change and invasion there was no terrorist problem. Iran has never attacked or threatened the United States, but it is on the list of banned countries. Saudi Arabia was complicit in the 9/11 attacks on the US and 15 of the 19 attackers were Saudi citizens, however somehow the Saudis escaped President Trump’s notice. Is this really about protecting us from terrorism, or is it about politics? We discuss today in the Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

12 thoughts on “Ron Paul on Trump’s Travel Ban: Targeting Terrorism… Or Iran?”

  1. This is a very astute assessment, Dr. Paul. The continuation of the PNAC roadmap is a very real possibility. It seems like there’s maneuvering being conducted to elevate Iran to the top of the list.

  2. Did the video mention the issue of the constitution? Sorry but I can’t devote the time to watching all of Ron Paul’s vids.
    But if it didn’t mention the challenge to the constitution then it certainly should have. This is blatant and an indication of how Trump’s supporters have no regard for their constitution when it becomes an issue of supporting Trump.

    It’s always been pretty obvious that their bloody constitution is trotted out when it can be used to forward their issues. The gun slaughter in the US is a great example. But what about Trump’s ban on Muslims? Will they even try to pretend that it’s not a Muslim ban but a multi-country ban?

    luv from Canada.

    1. Remember how we got into the Vietnam war without the constitution? If there is a Trump there is a way.

  3. I agree the Saudi’s should be banned as well. Why don’t you tell President Trump. My influence would not count.

    1. OK, we’ll take the (Generic hate speech terms for) the blacks, mexicans, chinese people but we don’t want the god-damned Irish. I paraphrased it because, well, I’m too lazy to look up the full quote but it’s from Blazing Saddles in case anybody wanders on to the forum without recognizing that. I would have to renounce half approximately of my heritage but let’s deport all white folks. Bunch of trouble makers who got kicked out of Europe for being too rowdy or worshiping at a different church than the King. Which is the best and most polite way to describe the Christian Jihad that’s still killing more christian people than islam is. Even in America. With or without secular or ethnic concerns.

  4. And now, P Nacker Flynn is out, and his evil and maybe smarter twin P Nacker Petraeus on tap to take the tag-in. What gets me is the same low-wattage bulbs who thought Iraq would be a soft target, rejoiced that they knocked out all 5 aircraft in Afghanistan and by the third (one of those Air Farts colonels braying about it) day they had bombed Kabul into rubble and were currently stirring up the rubble… and said that Iran would just fold, bow down in fear of the Mighty Bush.

    Let us recall that the Chinese are a very literate nation, they actually have Public Schools that aren’t at the mercy of local demagogues like, say, the Ft Worth School District, who will de-fund anything some jackass preacher tells them to de-fund. That’s just a sample. The Fuhrer said that the masses only need enough education to be workers and soldiers. The Chinese politely disagree. It would be hugely unlikely that nobody in China knows or even that sizable minority would have missed the very subtle language of the PNAC when they stated they would encircle Russia and Asia militarily and economically.

    Starting with a war on Iran because Saddam was so unpopular in the U.S.
    Due to Fake News like the Incubator Babies and the WMDs, conquer them in a matter of months, and take down Iran. 15 years and the Taliban still have a heavy presence in Afghanistan AND Pakistan. Doesn’t seem to be working out the way they planned. Of course the plan does call for brush-fire wars and a constant state of war. It’s like they took Nineteen Eighty Four as a roadmap.

    There’s also the Generational War plan, 60 years of which would leave the vast majority of Americans being those who were born AFTER 9/11 thus would never have the same faith (misplaced) in Rule of Law and actual belief in the Constitution. Miranda Ruling, what was that about, grandpa?

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