Ron Paul on Business As Usual – Is Trump’s Foreign Policy Just More Bush And Obama?

The last two weeks have been quite a disappointment for those who expected President Trump to make a clear break with the interventionist, warmongering foreign policy of his two immediate predecessors. The Trump Administration threatened Iran several times – including bizarrely putting the country “on notice” – conducted more than 150 drone strikes, launched a disastrous commando raid in Yemen that killed scores of civilians, threatened continued sanctions on Russia over Crimea, and threatened China over the South China Sea. Warmongers seem to be in the driving seat, driving the President toward more, not less, American bombs overseas. Can the President return to his campaign promises? Today on the Ron Paul Liberty Report.

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

4 thoughts on “Ron Paul on Business As Usual – Is Trump’s Foreign Policy Just More Bush And Obama?”

  1. One of the first American official war crimes was opening the treaty lands beyond the Ohio. Which had been in effect before it became official, Daniel “denial” Boone and colony were armed illegal aliens. It was mentioned in the Declaration of Independence. Washington the Person (because Washington the City hadn’t been built yet) renegotiated the Treaties to which he and Amherst and Lee had been signatories or at least witnesses, Created the totally invented fiction of Indiana. Counting Indiana and Hawaii 25 of the states have Native names. What a hilarious joke that is!

    So the very first order of business after the Surrender of The British was invading a long-standing neighboring nation, the Iroquois Confederation, which had been established by the Mohawk prophet, Hiawatha. Yeah, that one. Longfellow used poetic license to change the tribal affiliation to Chippewa.

    The Southern Iroquois, ie the 5 Muskogee Nations, were being invaded as well. David Crockett was born “on a mountaintop in Tennessee” BEFORE the French king sold the land, which he had never seen, so Crockett was essentially an ‘anchor baby’ and his father wasn’t illiterate or stupid in any way, and knew damned well what they were doing. The natives who opposed those incursions were called many nasty names, ‘Terrorist’ hadn’t been invented yet. But that’s what it works out, the same demonizing the people whose lands Washington (Man and City) wanted annexed. For the profit of the very few.

    Point being, there have been a lot of presidents with the same agenda, representing the corporate piracy. Rotten from the beginning. The Jack Hoff Mr Trump nominated for SCOTUS is a “strict constructionist and Original Intent” brought off by the “founders”. That’s his gig. The only real difference in Trump from all the others, he’s feeding all of American treasury and territory to his corporations, specifically.

  2. total insanity. we are headed for WW3 and thermonuclear catastrophe under Trump and the neocons

  3. Petraeus might be picked to replace Flynn… Oh, yeah, put in the guy who’s Jewish and has a Roman name and keeps yapping on Roman values and is a contributor to the PNAC and gave his mistress classified documents and who urged the Death Penalty for Manning because he gave the US citizens information on what was being done in our collective name….

    And when, shortly after Manning was given a long prison sentence, just walked away with nobody even indicting HIM for treason. Or any criminal act.

    Yeah. THAT Gen. David Petraeus, the one we got labeled traitors for opposing him when he was the FOX News every damned day praising the Bush Regime.
    And we called him Generally Betrays Us. That makes us traitors, don’t you know.

    Apparently whoever is pulling Donald’s strings rewards loyalty to the Agenda rather than competence, honesty, loyalty to the American people…

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