Gen. Flynn Out At NSC – Ron Paul on Winners and Losers

Did the CIA conspire to undermine President Trump’s National Security Advisor, Gen. Michael Flynn, by leaking information about a phone call Gen. Flynn had with the Russian ambassador after Trump was the president-elect? The phone call was intercepted by the intelligence community and illegally leaked to the press. Why? Who benefits? What can we expect of President Trump’s stated policy of better relations with Russia now that Flynn, who supported the policy, has been forced to resign? We look at the winners and losers of this early shake up in the Trump Administration in today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

8 thoughts on “Gen. Flynn Out At NSC – Ron Paul on Winners and Losers”

  1. I’m definitely for better relations with Russia, and also with Iran and Syria (the legitimate government there). We have one interest in the Middle East, and that is the American interest, and no other. Good relations with all countries is one of our interests, and no riding shotgun for Israel in any of them.

  2. Well how about that! Ol Ron bought into Trump’s bulls-it on improving relations with Russia too!
    Poor ol libruhtaryun needs to be put out to pasture and spend his time searching for pies in the sky.

      1. Very surprised to hear you ask that question Thane! Of course I want to see the US endeavour to have peaceful relations with Russia and many other countries. It’s just that I don’t believe that Trump has anything to do with wanting that. In my opinion he’s a complete phony and a dangerous psychopathic liar.

        And so I am not afraid to be committed to my beliefs. I also feel that it’s important to be proactive about it.

        Ron Paul has previously shown commitment to the fact that Trump is the phony I accuse him of being. And now I see in his talk that he’s waffling on that belief and is showing some belief in Trump coming through for the good. Hence, I said so.

        You may have noticed that Lucy’s latest is a ‘maybe’ piece on Trump? Or at least it begins with the ‘maybe’. I would like to ask her if she’s lacking commitment on seeing Trump as a phony, or, is she only starting her article in that manner for Raimondo’s sake? I can’t because I’m banned from posting on the the regulars.

      2. There’s no reason in the world. Russia is not a threat to either the US or Eastern Europe. The PTB just need a boogeyman to justify their sabre rattling and enormous defense budgets. Here’s hoping the that President will stay the course that he indicated he’d follow during the campaign.

  3. This is just a reminder, I put it in a lot of places, but a week or two before the inauguration there was a headline in the National Enquirer, Trump’s own fake news outlet, that Trump and Putin had a “secret summit” on how to best DESTROY China. The NeoCons had their say on that ad nauseum two and a half decades now, in the PNAC they speculated since GHW was president and mapping out plans to circle both Russia and China militarily and economically.
    So far that bit about economically isolating them hasn’t paid off at all. Since obviously the Neos strongly believe they can’t have one without the other, my instinct is that they’ll fail. Like the oracle at Parnassus told a king about his planned war of conquest… “you will destroy a great army” and he did. His own.

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