Is The Intelligence Community At War With Trump? Ron Paul Talks With Phil Giraldi

It looks like open warfare between the 60,000 member US intelligence community and their boss, President Donald Trump. According to numerous (non-sourced) articles recently, the nation’s intelligence officers are not even giving their president a full briefing out of fear that sensitive material may be leaked to the Russians. Is this a spook coup against Constitutional government or is it a thin layer of highly political elites at the top of these agencies leading a rebellion together with their allies on the outside? Is the target Trump, or his Russia policy? Today’s Liberty Report is joined by retired career intelligence officer Phil Giraldi who brings a valuable insider’s view to these questions:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

8 thoughts on “Is The Intelligence Community At War With Trump? Ron Paul Talks With Phil Giraldi”

  1. The Flynn thing is about Flynn and not about Russia.
    He’s right that Flynn is a despicable character.
    There’s no agenda to bring Flynn down other than the legitimate reason stated. Flynn fu–ed up and got found out. Jeeeeez your guys!
    This clown’s big mistake is in believing in Trump.
    Trump hasn’t capitulated to anything, he’s found a way to extract himself from his campaign promises that he never meant to be taken so seriously.

    As Ron Paul says, “it appears on the surface that Trump wanted better relations with Russia”.
    Well Ron, maybe it did appear to you anyway.

    This has turned into nothing more than domestic politics for Ron Paul and his sidekicks. He knows now that it’s the beginning of the end of Trump/Russia relations.

    There’s no great conspiracy theory plot of the sort they are trying to summon up. The hard cold truth is that the spook agencies need to keep a lot of secrets away from Trump.

    And the defending of Trump on Iran is on the basis of ‘somebody has been whispering in his ear’ Is just pathetic bullshit. I mean fu–ing really?

    The only thing these clowns have right is the issue of Trump/Natanyahu.

  2. ROD PAUL good Doctor wow still wish this country would have allowed voting for you, Trump I believed he thought he could do something to change this, just like Obama said he would, but someone else is controlling all the Presidents, always find it amazing they end up with huge scar on the back of head. Point is we will never have any real person in control as the control is no longer there with the puppet but rather w/puppet masters to sooner we realize this the sooner we can all stand united, until then its like a broken record as needle keeps play the same thing over & over. I sometimes even wound if the good Doctor is not part of the game, too.

  3. The persecution of poor helpless Donald continues.

    Like the bit about a Republican holding up a sign at his rally about a week before the selection, got beat down by the Secret Service and the next thing you know people were saying it was an assassination attempt. It would be laughable if a) the pigs hadn’t beat up the last honorable republican and b) there weren’t any people dumb enough to buy into that “assassination” crap.

    But as my dad said, “always remember, Dallas spelled backward is ‘sallad”, which I never quite understood but I always remembered and “if if if… and if a frog had wings he wouldn’t bump his rump with every jump”

  4. It is downright hysteria, because Trump won the electoral college. Obstructionist, hysteria, lies and insanity from the deep state. You can not be a peace president in America anymore. Deep state wants war.

    1. You may have hit on something important Kathie!
      ” You can not be a peace president in America anymore.”
      Bush1, Clinton, Bush2, Obama, Trump?
      Have any of them attempted to be that?

      1. When you are interfering with other countries for whatever reasons, then NO, you don’t want peace. That is my take on it.

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