CIA Weapons Pause In Syria – Are We Backing Off… Or Escalating?

For the past couple of weeks the CIA weapons smuggling operation to Syrian rebels has been on hold, according to press reports. Does this mean Trump’s sensible “we don’t know who these people are” statement during the campaign has become policy? We hope that is the case. However, the current Commander of the US Central Command said recently that Washington may be sending regular units of the US military into Syria, which would be a significant escalation. Which is it going to be: wisdom or folly? We discuss in today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

2 thoughts on “CIA Weapons Pause In Syria – Are We Backing Off… Or Escalating?”

  1. What does Ron mean when he says Syria is a most difficult country?

    And why the big emphasis on salaries being paid to the FSA? Wouldn’t that be a great deal for the US? An army that’s willing to die for the US cause and saves Americans from having to die for it. And in addition to that, the pay is probably much cheaper than mercenaries demand! Suggesting it has something to do with Americans looking for a job is totally disingenuous.

    Talking about trading a few cruise missiles off for paying unemployed Americans would ring a lot true to those who pay attention.

    Ron and Daniel probably mean well, even though the can’t bring themselves to just discuss the question of whether the US is going to give up the fight and allow Russia to take Syria and exclude the US.

    The US is NOT!

  2. It seems pretty clear to me that the brighter bulbs who post on this site have moved on far past that which these two are struggling with. Especially when they start pondering questions on Iran.

    I mean really? Ron suggests that the US may be the patsies who are fighting wars over there for other people. And Daniel is right there with him!

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