Ron Paul: End Unlimited Presidential War Power

Interviewed Tuesday by host Kennedy at Fox Business regarding efforts by United States House of Representatives members to limit US wars overseas, former House member Ron Paul (R-TX) agreed with Kennedy’s assessment that the ability to unilaterally pursue war is “the most egregious area where there is too much power concentrated in the presidency.” Paul proceeded to explain that “it has been that way for a long time,” pointing to the Korean War and Vietnam War that were fought without the constitutionally required congressional war declarations.

Noting congressional leadership’s opposition to reining in presidential war powers, Paul advises that House and Senate members can still exercise “the power of the purse” to end wars by refusing to approve legislation funding the wars.

Watch Paul’s complete interview here:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity. Massie is a member of the Ron Paul Institute.

7 thoughts on “Ron Paul: End Unlimited Presidential War Power”

  1. I would see it as not much more than symbolic. In reality, I would suggest that the president needs the support of congress in order to rally the ‘troops’ so to speak for war.
    The reason why I think that is because in truth it’s never been strictly a president alone who has started a war.
    I’m not quite sure why that perception is being promoted but it would be interesting to know.
    This one by Ron Paul is an invitation to libertarians to chime in on the question.

  2. This issue is a poster child for the countless Constitutional usurpations committed by our federal government. Damn it, Article 1, Section 8 is specifically clear in its definition of the LIMITED powers of the federal government and the 10th Amendment clearly states that all other powers are the States’ and the People’s! Calling the “general welfare preamble” contained therein a “clause” in order to justify unlimited federal power is a disingenuous, double-speak excuse to usurp the very framework if our Republic!

    IMHO, 90% of our federal government is illegal according to the Constitution. Until we cram the federal government back into its Constitutional cage, we, the People will suffer and the Oligarchic billionaires will continue to get richer.

    Get off your asses, Americans!!!

    1. It’s too late Dan, the people have been propagandized into accepting more wars. And there is no will in the US congress or with the president to stop the process. Wars won’t be prevented from within America. A plurality for the next war will be easily gained by propaganda threats against the wellbeing of the American people. If it’s not the terrorist threat then it will be Russia or China.

      The only way more wars will be prevented is by pressure from without the US. It’s called the MAD threat. It’s saved the world for over 70 years now and it’s likely to save us for a few more.
      However, there is a wild card and that’s a psychopath in command. He’s totally unpredictable.

  3. Sadly, Ron Paul is way behind the curve. The president and the US congress will march in lock step toward the next US led war.

  4. Ron Paul is talking nonsense when he refers to presidential wars. It’s likely that it’s mostly because of his fixation with domestic politics. And of course, an inability to face the truth and put the blame on his country.

    And in fairness to Ron, sometimes he does place the blame on his country in a nuanced sort of way. So why does he backslide?

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