Ron Paul on What’s Going On In Djibouti? US/China Face-off in Africa

The sole permanent US military base in Africa is getting a new neighbor. It’s the Chinese, who are building their first military base outside of Chinese territory. The Chinese are the largest investors in Africa and have been heavily involved in anti-piracy efforts near Djibouti, where the two bases will be a few miles from each other. The neocons will point to this development as an example of how the US must be even more forwardly deployed to block Chinese expansion, but a more likely explanation is that the Chinese move is in response to repeated US destabilization moves in the region, including the war in Yemen, the war on Libya, and elsewhere. But will the new neighbors get along? We discuss in today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

3 thoughts on “Ron Paul on What’s Going On In Djibouti? US/China Face-off in Africa”

  1. “And Ron still thinks that US intervention world wide is to uphold peace and prosperity. Or at least, if he doesn’t think that then he needs to start explaining to his audience what’s it really for.”

    You must be talking about a different Ron Paul. His position has been consistently clear that US interventionism is CONTRARY to peace and prosperity… and that it only serves the military industrial complex and the billionaire and corporate interests that own our politicians. He has consistently pushed for use of our military only by a congressional declaration as per the Constitution.

    Are you factually challenged or are you intellectually dishonest?

    1. You could say I’m factually challenged because of Ron Paul’s lack of explaining to his audience what his countries’ wars are really for.
      So if he has, then fill me in with a reference to him spilling the beans.
      It’s time we all start asking for a lot more from all US politicians who are reluctant to speak out against their wars. Including retired ones. Remember, it’s our agenda, and that’s not to protect them.

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