Will The Neocons ‘Flynn’ Jeff Sessions?

On Capitol Hill, Congressional business and campaign business is by law separate. Members or their staff must go off-site when conducting phone calls or other campaign related activities. When Senator Session said in his confirmation hearing that his campaign work did not include meetings with Russian officials he did not commit perjury, as the Democrat/Neocon alliance is claiming. But they are too lazy to have opposed Sessions on his terrible track record when it comes to civil liberties so they are determined to take down another senior member of the Trump Administration by perpetuating the laughable lie that somehow Washington, D.C. has been taken over by Putin and his KGB team. Will the Democrats and Neocons take down Sessions? We discuss the bizarre case in today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

9 thoughts on “Will The Neocons ‘Flynn’ Jeff Sessions?”

  1. Sessions is a C*nt with a capital C, but this is a total f**king snow job. Then again, couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. ;-)

    I predict that all of this shit will ultimately burn the Democrats more than the GOP, though. Middle America could give a flying f**k about Russia. They care about their jobs and that’s one thing even loony-toons like McCain and Graham can’t blame Putin for.

    Trump will drop the ball on jobs like he drops the ball on everything (save for maybe terrifying innocent immigrants), but if the Democrats aren’t there to pick it up, it wont matter. They’ll still look like sniveling, scapegoating, Clintonian, cry-babies that even their base can’t stand to vote for.

    1. I think the Dems will be able to sell the demonization to the people and I wouldn’t doubt that the Repubs sign on too. Like you say, it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!
      If Trump folds on Sessions then it will take some of the heat off him over the Russia/US improved relations lies he told. But not all of it by a long shot.
      And if Trump doesn’t fold then this will be an indication that he’s digging in for the long fight. Not to suggest that Trump cares a lick about his promises on Russia because he doesn’t and never did. Just that he cares about his reputation and that’s going to sink even faster if he dumps Sessions.

      Should be good!

  2. Ron says that Sessions was thinking in two categories when he lied. Yup Ron, that’ll do it!

    The thing is, Ron and Daniel are fighting the good fight but they have to align with Trump in order to do it. That’s the big problem they need to deal with by separating Trump from any sort of good intentions.

    Not to mention that all antiwar people have to come to the obvious conclusion that Trump has nothing to do with our agenda and Trump needs to be separated from that too.

    1. Mr Donald is going to throw Russia under the bus too. He’s one of the very few who managed to rip off Halliburton and get away with it. He’s got some good lawyers, who don’t get any recognition for their contributions to his “self made” success myth. Good Folks like Bill and Hillary.

      Since Putin isn’t a synonym for Cretin, I believe Mr Putin knows full well what kind of a pack of diseased jackals they really are, and has a plan B for when it happens.

  3. Yeah, in every election in which he participated, Klan Lawyer Sessions has barked his fool head off about “States Rights”. Why haven’t the National Propaganda Society noticed that? Oh, that’s Right, Wing. They backed the same thing, States Rights if the issue is say, voting rights, or the Klan harassing and probably killing South VietNamese refugee shrimpers (any of them little fellers who went missing, well, it must have been the Bermuda Triangle or something) and the latest, he wants to take out Colorado over the Marijuana Legalization.

    Only, just like the Drama Queen in Chief, he isn’t going to put his own hand to the plow. Or the rifle. That’s why a loving god in his infinite wisdom gave them Peasants to do their dirty work.

    AND, Trump has vowed to DESTROY ISIS. My my he sure does use that term a lot. But the hypocrisy and warmongering isn’t what brings such scrutiny onto their unlawful deeds. No, it’s all about Russia. Everything else gets thrown under the bus.

  4. The US political class is in the process of being blackmailed into inciting a Third World War that could end up killing billions of people. Lousy way to be remembered by history. Please pray for peace. In Christ, Ernest Evans

      1. Well, maybe a few historians will escape to Australia and will (before the radiation arrives a la “On the Beach”) write some accounts of how the blundering idiots of the US political class destroyed the world as we know it. Again, please pray for peace. In Christ, Ernest Evans

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