New Rules of Engagement: More Authority to the Generals

President Trump has reportedly expanded the authority of military officers to approve drone strikes across the many countries where the US military is engaged. This is an escalation in the pace of US military actions overseas where the recent troop increases are an increase in scope. What is the endgame of President Trump’s escalations? What will victory look like? Will this newest “surge” work where it has failed repeatedly in the past? Our view in today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

2 thoughts on “New Rules of Engagement: More Authority to the Generals”

  1. First impression is that Trump is rightfully taking the unnecessary and largely uninformed first step out of the process. Presidents, and especially this president should not be delaying that which the generals know much more about.

    This is the very best of Ron Paul! And Daniel’s feeding of Ron is right on the money!

    It would be a mistake to not expand on this one here on this site. And a bonus is that we don’t have to contend with Raimondo’s interfering bullsh-t until Friday.

    This had to come from Ron Paul eventually. He can have the credit for being first, even though he’s a little slow in bringing it to us.

  2. Yes, I used ‘Trump’ and ‘rightfully’ together in a context which you obviously didn’t understand.

    And then that lack of understanding led you to think that I trust generals.

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