Ron Paul Calls WikiLeaks Revelation of CIA Documents ‘Fantastic’

Ron Paul, the prominent libertarian communicator and three-time US presidential candidate, declared this week in a Fox Business interview that it is “fantastic” that WikiLeaks revealed on Tuesday thousands of US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) documents and files. Speaking with host Kennedy, Paul further says that the information exposed “indicates that liberty is in big trouble” and states his concern about there having been insufficient media coverage of the information.

Watch Paul’s complete interview, in which he also talks about potential dangers related to technology, here:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

8 thoughts on “Ron Paul Calls WikiLeaks Revelation of CIA Documents ‘Fantastic’”

  1. I like to comment on all of Ron Paul’s pieces in this section so I will on this one with some difficulty.

    As far as I can tell Ron sees government as having nothing much to do with the people as opposed to being something that has been created by aliens from outer space.

    As far as Stephen Hawking is concerned, superior intelligence, which I’m ready to concede to him (how presumptious!) is never a sure sign of getting it right on politics.

    I equate it to the simple fact that some of the greatest minds on the planet are incapable of getting it right on creation/ evolution!

    Both can be accurately equated to the baby duckling imprinting analogy in which neither the human or the duckling is capable of escaping early childhood/duckling input. So it goes for our brilliant Stephen Hawking.

  2. Great Book .. I just finished it.

    The CIA as Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World by Douglas Valentine … This book should be required reading for every American who wants to know the truth! Because the CIA is “self-funding” like the MOB, “eliminating” the CIA would require Congress to REPEAL the CIA’s charter legislation! Then they would be just another criminal organization with the gang members subject to arrest and prosecution for what they’ve been doing “under the cover” of being a government agency. If we’re smart, WE THE PEOPLE will drain CONGRESS that allows it and the CIA and NSA out of the swamp.

    1. Now, tell the truth. The hyperlink is not a book. It does however start with Douglas Valentine’s book CIA AS ORGANIZED CRIME as a starting point. The link continues Doug’s thesis to the question of who controls the CIA. and it is not congress.

  3. Ron is the only consistant Pro freedom and Anti-war voice ever heard on any network. People would be wise to listen to him.

  4. Let me get this straight. We now have proof that the CIA can spy on anyone using their smart phone to look and listen, even if the user turned it off. They can also look and listen using a household’s “smart’ TV, again even if it is turned off. Yet people aren’t taking to the streets. People aren’t raising hell. The mainstream media acts like this is no big deal. These, to me, are signs democracy is already dead. The Stasi is alive and well in the U.S.

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