Sen. McCain Explodes: ‘Rand Paul Is Working for Putin!’

"Putin derangement syndrome" may have finally jumped the shark. Just minutes ago on the US Senate Floor, Sen. Rand Paul did the sensible thing and blocked NATO accession for tiny, corrupt Montenegro. The inconsequential Balkan country brings absolutely nothing to the NATO alliance, with its army of approximately 1,950 active duty military, a population the size of the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and a history political repression and corruption.

Montenegro would only be a drain on the NATO alliance, but those pushing for its membership don’t care much. They view Montenegro’s NATO membership as another black eye for the Russians, who have been historically close to the tiny Balkan state.

Chief among those who are obsessed with giving Russia a black eye – and perhaps starting WWIII – is the Senator from Arizona, John McCain. And Senator Paul’s move today nearly caused him an aneurism.

McCain asked for unanimous consent to move forward his bill to approve NATO membership for Montenegro. His jaw dropped as he witnessed Sen. Paul raise his objection and then exit the room. Done.

McCain exploded at Paul in what must really be a meltdown for the records:

I note the senator from Kentucky leaving the floor without justification or any rationale for the action he has just taken. That is really remarkable, that a senator blocking a treaty that is supported by the overwhelming number, perhaps 98 – at least – of his colleagues would come to the floor and object and walk away. The only conclusion you can draw when he walks away is he has no justification for his objection to having a small nation be part of NATO that is under assault from the Russians. So I repeat again, the senator from Kentucky is now working for Vladimir Putin.

Watch "Meltdown" McCain here:

Daniel McAdams is director of the The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity. Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

22 thoughts on “Sen. McCain Explodes: ‘Rand Paul Is Working for Putin!’”

  1. Republican party eats itself… Way cool, dude. Fascism demands unity and unanimity (they’re not exactly the same) just by its very reason for existing. Which is the biggest flaw with the goals. Nobody has actually gotten that level of absolute rule. Even and especially cults. They wind up drinking the koolaid every time.

    1. LOL Poor socialist trying to push his fantasy. Sorry little dude, it’s the Democrats that “eats itself”, starting with dispossessing Sanders supporters in the party. No room for anti-globalists. As for the GOP I know you are sadly ignorant, but the “eats itself” is only the traitor McCain and sometimes his buddy Lindsey Graham, both paid heavily by pro-Israel actors, just like your precious Hillary has always been. Still they almost always votes with the real Republicans, since they don’t want to lose their seats.

      And in 2018 the Democrats are headed for even MORE beatings, as the Senate seats up for grabs are in states that usually vote GOP but temporarily have Democrats sitting there. The losers in the socialist party couldn’t even hold on to “the blue wall” in the presidential election, states that voted heavily Obama – they went to Trump. And a RECORD number of local seats. Ouch. The 2018 seats will be a cakewalk for the GOP to take back, and then the Senate majority will be so large that it doesn’t matter at all what McCain and Graham do or say.

      And of course the Supreme Court has a GOP majority, and when the old hag with zero qualifications drops that’s an even more solid majority, installed by President Trump. So sorry, little socialist. Better luck many, many years from now!

      1. McCain and Graham are sinister, but the rest of the GOP, as well as the Dem, aren’t much better.

        Trump’s increase in military spending won’t go over well with the electorate if it passes. The US is broke, and Trump is in an impossible situation. He must reduce the empire simply to reduce costs. A dramatic spending cut is necessary, and that can only come from the military.

        Globalists want someone to blame so they can return to perpetual war, perpetual police state, and perpetual corruption. Different label, same globalists. Since I’m conservative, I call McCain “communist”. ;)

      2. Yeah, I know that neither Trump nor Clinton actually got a majority and She got 3 million more than He and the Electoral College scam permitted by the so-called founding fathers to give slave states more electoral weight to each voter who was probably a slave owner, because those states only allowed the rich to vote… yawn. This makes how many times the EC was used in my lifetime and B. Clinton didn’t have to do it, Carter didn’t have to do it, Johnson didn’t… sure enough Obama didn’t. Hmm… which party leans on the electoral college? Oh, yeah. Hillary and Bill were de facto defense attorneys on behalf of Mr Trump, who commits plenty of crimes in her district where she was a prosecutor. Like the grocery line tabloid Fake News say, Hillary took bribes… from Trump. They seem to omit that last part… a lot…

        And what’s this, the Republicans not actually Fascist even though you, their spokesperson, say it’s TREASON to not hold the party line? To not follow the edicts of the Great and Mighty Fuhrer Trump, the Drama Queen in Chief?
        Heaven forfend!!

        . Dude, you have no greater duty than to exercise your Posse Comitatus and enforce the law, which no government official has done, in a case of TREASON which, somebody as learned as you would recognize this, is a Capital Offense. You, sir, are honor bound to go and Hang each traitor by the neck until he is dead. Go, Night Rider, Go!

    2. Ignore the pig, brother. He’s one of the sick fu–ers who is still trying to redbait those who don’t agree with his hate rants.

      1. Sometimes we score big and lure in a far-right elitist to slap around. Kind of like a cat sharpens his claws when he has nothing else to do.

  2. I’m not a Putin fan either – – – but he’s more rational than the shall-we-say-to-be-polite, less than current folks riding the Scary Russian meme. Apparently it hasn’t occurred to them: That went out with the old Soviet Union shortly after the Berlin Wall fell.

    Or, more hopefully, maybe like good, expedient pols, it’s just for their self-serving political games – – –

    That “Scary Russian” meme – – ->

    1. It’s a funny thing, I generally don’t like Russians, knowing it’s a corrupt country no matter what the political stripes. And a country where people abuse those under them, and abuse their authority to make life difficult for the public – this is what happens in every communist state where criminals are in charge. BUT, Putin is standing up to the globalists after they funded coups in Georgia, Ukraine, Serbia, and tried to foment coups in Belarus, Lebanon and more. Putin is therefore the best thing about Russia. This is the opposite of the mainstream-media line, that Russians in general are wonderful – we’re all equal and all that – but Putin is a (LOL) “fascist”.

      1. Wait a minute and let me tell you the real reason why you don’t like Russians.

        It’s because you’ve been told to not like Russians by your country’s hate propagandists. If you had been to Russia and met some Russians you would know that they’re decent and peaceful people. But hey, that could be the very reason why you don’t like them!

        Oh, and over 80% of them love Putin too!

        But then anyone who says that Hillary would have ordered Russian planes to be shot down in Syria can’t have his head screwed on right to begin with.

    2. Putin is a wonderful leader who doesn’t cave to the powers-that-be. He seems to care somewhat for the Russian people, also for ethnic Russians living outside the polity.

      I’ve almost never seen a world leader who cares for his people like that.

      If every polity acted for its own people somewhat, we’d have a much better world. In the US, our politicians create problems so they can offer “solutions”. We’re just cows to be milked here.

      Trump is like Putin in that Trump appears to want to help regular Americans. Why he wants to help us is a great mystery. But it’s a wonderful thing. I don’t think Trump has everything figured out, but Putin also appears confused at times to me.

  3. It’s a gesture of something good coming from Rand Paul. There is little doubt that he’s been smeared by McCain and challenged. Does Rand have the balls to follow up on that challenge? NO!

    But supposing he did have the balls, the real question is, would Trump be supportive of him? NO!

    I could be wrong but I very much doubt it. And I expect to hear some support of Rand Paul in that he doesn’t have to face the obvious challenge to his entire credibility that McCain has thrown at him.

    Here’s Trump golden opportunity to reiterate his stance he pretended to have against Nato, before he understood how essential Nato is to making America great again.

    About all I can say about Rand Paul is he’s enough of a patsy to think that he could get any support from either REpublicans or Trump on that!

    1. “Be supportive of him”? Trump will not take sides in arguments between GOP members in congress because his job is to keep them together. Why should he say something against McCain when everyone knows he is a traitor paid by Israel’s intermediaries, and collaborating with leftist media that always invite him to their sofas? It is what it is. Trump knows the GOP is heading for an even larger Senate majority in 2018 anyway, so it’s cool. McCain can say whatever he wants then. And if Trump took sides in a Senate conflict, wouldn’t people say “that’s not the president’s job, he shouldn’t get involved in that”?

      “he pretended to have”? Tell me, has he condemned Rand Paul for nixing Montenegro? Yes? No? That’s right, he hasn’t. So what’s this “pretended” you talk about? People like you are funny. You act as if Trump had complete power to push through any policy, as if party members in Congress couldn’t turn against him, and so if he doesn’t act against NATO or something else you say he only “pretended”. Go read up on what the U.S. president can and cannot do. He has to work with Congress, he is not a dictator.

      1. No, I don’t think Trump has any more power than Obama had but he got blamed for everything anyway.
        What happened to the president who was going to be anti-establishment?

        And yeah o.k. then, Trump isn’t going to ever renew his campaign babbling on Nato being outdated. I knew he wasn’t serous on that either. He talked out of complete stupidity and not understanding that Nato is a tool of the US and nothing more. But for the lowlife pondscum who voted for him, it sounded so good to save some money on Nato and make the other bad guys pay. That’s what the pretending was all about. LOL

      2. “Trump knows the GOP is heading for an even larger Senate majority in 2018”

        The GOP will be lucky if it can keep control of the House in 2018. It has about as much chance of retaining its Senate majority as you have of getting to the moon by loading up on beans and using the resulting flatulence to turn yourself into a rocket.

        1. Maybe, but there’s going to be a delayed reaction to Trump’s actions. I’m suggesting something that flies directly in opposition to your agenda of smaller government, or indeed no government.

          As a socially leaning capitalist it’s very apparent that Trump’s actions that appeal to you most are going to cause a lot of hurt amongst ordinary Americans very quickly. But that big realization could take more than just two years to materialize.

          It’s the tearing down of any kind of socially responsible government that Trump has already embarked upon as his mission. And it’ largely in tune with your libertarian preferences!

          From my point of view, it’s going to be very damaging to American society. The destruction of the ACA is probably the example that will come home to roost against Trump as soon as any. Which is the destruction of Medicare/Medicaid as government necessities which you oppose.

          And of course all the rest which goes hand in hand with good government platforms and programs which are so essential to the wellbeing of the people and cannot even come close to being maintained by greedy capitalists whose only consideration is profit.

          And one thing we can probably agee upon Thomas, is that a greedy capitalist is the perfect description of Trump. Much to the future chagrin of those little people who supported him because they were stupid enough to think that a corporate psychopath like Trump would have the interests of ordinary people on his mind in the least!

          However, once again, it’s remakablyly in tune with a libertarian’s agenda! Is it not?

      3. There it again, the Party is supreme and must act in total unity or any dissenters are TRAITORS! and of course the Communist revolutions against hereditary dictators like the Tsar and the king of Portugal and the Chinese revolting against the God-Emperor of China AND the Emperor Hirohito of Japan… They were of course not as noble as Our Revolution which was run by Gentlemen of Means even if those means and their reasons for the Revolution included (enlightened) use of Human Beings As Property.

        Damn those Bolsheviks who supplanted their God Given King! How dare those Peasants ever consider themselves fit to rule themselves! They should all be punished! Kill them all!

  4. Rand Paul responds and it’s on RTnews. He comes back against McCain on his age, which is quite valid, but he stays away from the real topic. Rand’s most likely finished with that for a while.

  5. Too bad Rand left his balls at home for the 2016 election but at least it appears he may have retained them, if only momentarily.

    And what can be said about the craven war-junkie from Arizona that hasn’t been said already? Perhaps Charlie was too easy on him. Can I say that? I’m pretty sure we’re all thinking it.

    Just kidding of coarse. Well? Sort of. I don’t believe in torturing anyone, even missile-humping, war crime fetishists, but they could have made him a permanent resident of Hanoi Hilton. I could live with that and, most importantly, so could the countless victims of his despicable policies. Sometimes its fun to think about the path less traveled.

    1. The DRNC (Hanoi) did something that South VietNam and their Big Brother did not. They treated enemy combatants as POWs. The U.S. would turn over any VietMinh citizen-soldiers to the ARVN who used the same Tiger Cage model prisons as Hanoi Hilton, and executed them as criminals.

      John McCain might have dumped his plane on the swamp accidently, he had at least two reported “bad landings”, but his mission was to use aircraft to kill people in a country which was not formally at war with America. Sure, the DRVN didn’t declare war, neither did the ARVN or the U.S. or for that matter the French before them. The Hanoi government would have had the legal prerogative to kill them as murderers. It’s like 9/11 only constant. One of the “legal” reasons given for Guantanamo is an echo of Hanoi treating Americans captured in North VietNam as POWs.

      Not that there were any innocent pacifist kum-ba Jah hippies making that decision, and it probably had other motives than simply following the Geneva Conventions. Badly stained intentions aside, the U.S. didn’t do that. I can clearly recall Bush the Younger demanding the Iraqi army treat any captured invaders as POWs. In a really shrill tone of voice.

      And then McCain’s despicable conduct about The Wall, the VietNam Memorial in DC. The way he and Ross Perot went smooth off the shallow end when they found out that the young lady who designed it was of Chinese descent. In their words “a gook”. They tried to strip her design, voted in by judges including McCain and Perot.

      Party loyalty my medium brown arse.

  6. Better for the country if Rand Paul were working for the Russians than to be working for John McCain. Of course I realize McCain’s accusations are insane, just as he is.

    1. The news, fake or not, but we all know that Oceania has ALWAYS been at war with Eastasia….
      But the morning news cycle had the director of the Director of the FBI saying they had at times tapped some of the phones in Trump Towers but it was a money laundering operation by a Russian group who were NOT “state actors”. On the other hand, while checking out at King Soopers there was a headline on the Enquirer which has about the journalist values as a roll of wet toilet paper…. that “intelligence agents” said that it was all true that Trump got tapped and that Obama would stand trial for Treason.

      Thing about that, obviously treason wouldn’t be a charge in such a case. Treason is doing actions against the nation as a whole rather than dirty tricks in an election. Some of the Trumpistas who respond to these our gentle musings say that WE are “traitors” for not being obedient to Trump. Or sometimes they try to do a “one off” and say we’re not obedient to the will of the smaller minority of the voters in the last election. And thus traitors. The second is that in America supposedly nobody is actually proven guilty without a fair and unbiased trial with the option of a jury of our peers.

      And the Enquirer has a history of simply making s..t up on the spur of the moment.

      Then there’s the notion expressed in MAD magazine back in the 90s in Chilling Thoughts: “the former USSR, which had enough nukes to destroy the world 57 times over, is now 57 independent republics each of which could destroy the world once.”

      Yahoo has been hacked twice in the past 8 months. Kind of like Giuliani getting skunked in the same place by the same group and counting it as a victory.

      But the hacks were traced to Russia, with the footnote being the possibility that it was done by a “state actor”. Which state exactly, not revealed.

      My guess, which rests upon my Supreme Knowledge of Human Nature which isn’t much really… somebody scored some bread by doing so and not a political motive. It’s not really a good chance that the Best and Brightest of hackers would actually work for a government on a government pay grade. Not if they could score many times as much with each hack.

      Since the “fake news” outlets have a moderate response in contrast to the absolute belief of a known supplicant for the Trump Reich…saying the people they hate the most being guilty of every crime in the world.

      Pure hyperbole.

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