Ron Paul on Neocons Striking Back: Kagan Family on the Warpath (Again)

The neocons may have backed Hillary Clinton for the presidency, but that doesn’t stop them from demanding the right to define our foreign policy in the Trump Administration. They get their money from the military-industrial complex and unlimited mainstream media exposure as the “experts” — even though they are always wrong. The first family of neoconservatism, the Kagans, have recently regrouped after the election and have taken to the media to demand more war footing against Russia and a return to the policy of “regime change” in Syria. It appears they are making inroads in the Trump Administration. We discuss the neocon phoenix in today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

11 thoughts on “Ron Paul on Neocons Striking Back: Kagan Family on the Warpath (Again)”

  1. Continuing to summon up Hillary in order to apologize for Trump. Bullsh-t!

    Only those in denial will continue to have any antiwar faith in Trump. He’s clearly dialed up the sabre rattling on N.Korea and China isn’t missing the fact. And Trump has already promised to destroy the deal with Iran that was brokered by the Obama admin as well as the other 5. Not to mention that Trump is escalating the Syrian situation with more US troops.

    No, Trump’s position on war is not confusing on war and peace Ron. And it he isn’t in the pocket of the neocons, then he’s worse.

    Ron needs to stop his waffling and just come out and say that both the Dems and the Repubs are prowar, and Trump is not going to interfere with that. In fact Trump is leading the charge with his sabre rattling rhetoric.

    But at least they get it right that no US media on either side is antiwar. RT is the only place to get that.

    And then they say that Trump isn’t a neocon but go on to explain how he’s even worse!

    1. You say: “Continuing to summon up Hillary in order to apologize for Trump”.

      Don, I will when Hell freezes over.

      The DNC arrogance and incompetence is totally to blame for Trump’s win.

      The Main Stream Media partizan slickester influence could not get the Wall Street HillBillary same old same too much junk in the trunk duck off the ground.

      The “Make America Great Again” dream crashed and burned when the powers that be, shot down Burnie.

  2. Off topic, but: Breitbart wants war with N. Korea. Read the comments there. Frightening.

    Democracies are too bloodthirsty.

    The solution couldn’t be simpler: Leave S. Korea and Japan entirely. Allow them to do whatever the heck they want to. They’d get along fine with N. Korea. China would likely support reunification were the US to exit.

    That region should be entirely at peace. They have no religion to fight over, nothing.

    1. South Korea won’t be left along, it’s vital to US presence in China’s sphere of influence.

      Those who are paying close attention are going to come to understand that China has complete control over N.Korea and will deal with them in China’s best interests. China’s best interests currently are with N.Korea’s show of strength in defence of themselves against US aggression. No unification will ever be possible when both the US and China need to keep their Korean proxies respectively.

    2. I participate on Breibart a lot and I can tell you those advocating war there are a bunch of trolls. All the usual suspects including “neocohens”.

      1. Good on you! Make BB antiwar :)

        I had one guy tell me I’d get banned for mentioning Justin Raimondo, who “hates Jews”. I replied saying Rothbard, Ayn Rand, Mises, Meyers: all huge influences on Raimondo, all Jewish.

        And I was linking to Raimondo’s article on N. Korea, not Israel!

        1. On a percentage basis, you’re much more likely to get banned from Antiwar that Breibart for speaking the truth about Jews if it’s of a “controversial” nature. That’s to say, it’s absolutely 100% true and can be backed up from historians from A to Z but is less than favorable so it’s “antisemitic”. What you describe happening is no surprise. A lot of them “lurk” on there, just waiting for an opportunity to “pounce”.

        2. I think you might be getting a reputation for mentioning Jews too often. And I think that nobody is going to stop you from mentioning Raimondo in a derogatory way that is on topic. At least so far.

  3. It drives me nuts that Bill Kristol is on the “Morning Joe” show so often. Why? He only just ever pushes his own agenda, why do they give him so much airtime? It’s not like he’s any kind of “astute pundit.” He’s a shill, nothing more, nothing less. And Trump’s right about one thing, “Weekly Standard” is a rag.

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