Dick Cheney Surfaces: Claims Interfering in Elections ‘An Act of War’

Former Vice President Dick Cheney told an audience recently that Russia may have committed an “act of war” by interfering in our recent presidential election, though he also claims that Donald Trump was legitimately elected. What exactly is Russia guilty of? He doesn’t say, but it begs the question: if interfering in other countries’ elections is an act of war, what about the estimated 80-plus elections the US is said to have interfered in? We discuss in today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

23 thoughts on “Dick Cheney Surfaces: Claims Interfering in Elections ‘An Act of War’”

  1. Stop pretending it’s about something that it’s not about Ron. And ya never know Ron, maybe the people are ready to hear the truth?
    And you don’t have to be re-elected either!

  2. Cheney says an act of war, LOL ahahaaha. enough said. This Russia hack thing has become nothing but deep state propaganda.

    1. It was never anything but propaganda.

      Plenty of foreign polities interfere in every US election. Israel and the Saudis are the most blatantly obvious examples. No one cares.

      The Russians don’t appear to have done much anything. They expected Hillary would win.

  3. Ok hang on a sec…

    Dick says that the Russians interfered with our election.
    Dick also says that Trump was legitimately elected.

    *Stares intently at Dick*

    I can see this is going nowhere fast.

    1. “…going nowhere fast.”

      …because no one really givesashift (or shouldn’t) what Dick has to say. He’s been irrelevant since they let him walk away un-indicted.

  4. Rand Paul is right Montenegro does not belong in NATO. There shouldn’t be a NATO. Rand Paul’s statement will be for some future people because its too late for the American Empire.

    Trump was never against NATO. He was against the deadbeat imperialist like German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen who refuse to pay their 2%. Trump is running an Empire that is 20 trillion in the hole. He is looking for other countries to contribute to the imperialism.

    1. Rand Paul dishonestly hangs his hat on Montenegro while he should be talking about the real reason the US uses Nato to legitimize it’s wars. But Rand doesn’t have the balls for it. And listening to Ron Paul and Daniel, it’s obvious that Ron is still afraid to go there too.

    2. NATO has become akin to the Soviet Union.

      If we truly disliked the Soviets, then why have we become them?

      1. I think its because the US didn’t dislike the Soviets for who they were but because they couldn’t be controlled.

        1. Pre-WWII America largely minded its own business. We somewhat abided by George Washington’s values of trading with others but not allying or otherwise getting involved in foreign conflicts.

          Post-WWII, the Soviets and Americans competed to rule the world. The British Empire had fallen, so America essentially replaced the British Empire.

          There are different stages of America’s rise to empire. Or perhaps I should say our “fall” into empire. As Pat Buchanan says, we’re properly a Republic, not an Empire.

          I’m not pretending to be an expert on American history… I don’t think a person can just find the truth in a single book. You’d have to look at the individuals and groups who were involved to more fully understand events. And likely some important participants would be overlooked.

    3. “…20 trillion in the hole.”

      Well, he could do what he usually does for trump companies and file for bankruptcy.

  5. Dick Cheney says stolen elections? Really? and his bestest of all friends Dick Berry I mean Rick Perry very recently lost what was left of his mind and denounced a Student Council election in which the guy who lost is the scion of a major Trump $upporter and the guy who won is openly gay. Perry is trying to over-ride the vote in the election, at Texas A&M. Of course not in any support of Trump, who merely gave him his latest job where he can steal perhaps a billion dollars, chump change to his accompli.. uh… “fellow travelers” yeah, that’s the ticket. And he’s going to turn away from the Jackal’s Feast of legalized graft that is the New Amerikanisch Reich to try to bully college students into changing their votes.

    Anybody want to bet Trump quietly threatens A&M with discontinuance of their top money maker, the ROTC program? It is within his purview as Drama Queen in Chief.

  6. Cheney should be charge with war crimes for the murder of over 1,000,000 people, tried, convicted, and sentenced to be hung. Then have a national lottery with the winner getting to pull the lever on the gallows. It would raise millions.

    1. The Neocons should be tried for war crimes at the Hague. They lied us into the Iraq War. And the later wars weren’t really authorised by Congress.

      And any involved in meddling in foreign elections should be similarly tried at the Hague.

      We need true AmericaFirst, which means minding our own affairs.

  7. The Neocons fought Trump from the beginning. Trump ought to retake the American government back for the American people.

    Try those responsible for interfering in foreign elections at the Hague. Prove to the world that America does value democracy. Doing so would dramatically improve our reputation around the world. America would once again be the leader of the free world.

    1. Kissinger has an outstanding Hague warrant. Meddling in elections by means of assassination. Chile, Argentina, and Colombia for instance.

      It would be a spectacular display of teaching the wrongdoers the meaning of the words Collusion, Aiding, Abet, Conspiracy, and Accomplice.

      1. We should demand this. Populists are out in force, pitchforks and torches, ready to take up causes.

        Wealth gaps have been expanding, and the expected instability is resulting. As Trump said: $6 trillion wasted in overseas wars! For what?

        1. The populist movement that was starting has been defused and defanged by Trump. He now represents no part of it and hasn’t since his lying campaign speeches.

          Unless you’re a racist and saw some populism in Trump’s failed attempts to ban Muslims? Or how about his failure on health care? Or how about his prowar agenda that’s taken the place of anything antiwar? Or how about his fear of saying anything on improving US/Russia relations? And the $6 trillion? How about Trump’s plans of spending much more on his wars?

          Is there anything I might have missed?

          1. Translation: Don wants to call people racist rather than oppose war.

            Got it. And if I try to debate with you, you’ll ignore what I write, preach on entirely different things while making unrelated accusations against me. I get it man. I get it.

            While you’re busy with that, I’m going to be opposing the empire.

  8. If interfering in foreign elections is an act of war, then since the US has been doing this too, has it been making war?

    1. Not officially, but we didn’t officially sell arms to criminals either. Officially we have rights and we officially “honor the rights of all nations”. Unofficially we’re under a rogue state government and they’re blowing smoke up our collective butt. If Saddam had done twice as much as he allegedly did, he’d still be an unlearned amateur in comparison.

  9. Anyone that listens to Cheney or Trump, live in the tooth fairy land. Cheney is a COWARD! Trump is a low life sleaze bag. Why is he meeting in Florida with China? Maybe so that he can continue his corruption without the press or any taxpayers that are FORCED to pay for this F**K face and his whole F**K face LYING FAMILY OF THIEVES! How many China containers have come in to date carrying the Donald & Ivanka SLAVE MAKE MAGA AMERICAN PRODUCTS? This whole family is so full of themselves!

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