Ron Paul: Comey Fired… Now Fire the FBI!

While everyone is talking about President Trump firing James Comey, Director of the FBI, what we should be talking about is whether we should even have an FBI. Look at the track record of this organization – putting Americans in jail for opposing war, spying on Americans for being in peace groups, incinerating Americans at Waco, manufacturing terrorist plots and taking credit for thwarting them, and so on – and ask whether the FBI has been a benefit to our liberty and safety or not. Forget about Comey – it’s the whole system that needs to be fired!

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

5 thoughts on “Ron Paul: Comey Fired… Now Fire the FBI!”

  1. Trump should appoint Ron Paul to run the FBI with power to do what ever he feels right with the organization.

  2. Don’t forget the murder of Vicki Weaver and the attempted murders of Randy Weaver and Kevin Harris. Those are all on the FeeBI.

  3. They should be disbanded. Every other T,V, show is about how wonderful the FBI is. I wonder what someone is trying to convince us of.

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