Ron Paul on Comey Under The Gun: Truth-Telling… Or Just Politics?

Will the Comey Senate testimony put an end to the “Russiagate” scandal and the issue of whether President Trump will continue to be hobbled by suggestions he pressured the FBI to drop investigations? Don’t count on it, but we break down today’s explosive hearing in today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

21 thoughts on “Ron Paul on Comey Under The Gun: Truth-Telling… Or Just Politics?”

  1. Comey was one of the low lifes who harassed Ashcroft on his hospital bed trying to get him to sign off on gutting habeas corpus. 9/11 was on his watch, and the FBI has made a mockery of counter terrorism. They periodically entrap pathetic losers while ignoring giant red flags from the likes of the San Bernadino and Orlando attackers. The FBI even went so far as to intervene with Florida State officials to insure the Orlando attacker kept his armed guard license. He had to be dragged into investigating Clinton, and after handing out immunity like candy to Clinton staffers failed to indict. (BTW Clinton is more guilty than Reality Winner as Clinton emailed classified material to unauthorized persons such as Sidney Blumenthal multiple times.) Then he wire tapped and spied on Trump campaign and transition officials for Obama. Then he tried to backmail the President Elect in a meeting at Trump Tower using the “golden showers” dossier.
    Now to top it off he admitted under oath taking government documents when he left in violation of federal privacy laws. Then he violated FOIA laws by releasing the documents without going through normal FOIA channels. He was more of a danger to the US than all the foreign hackers put together.

    1. ” . . .ignoring giant red flags from the likes of the San Bernadino and Orlando attackers.”

      Why would the FBI ignore “terrorist” events that they were more-than-likely instrumental in setting up? Can’t open THAT can of worms now, can we? ALL the witnesses to the shooting in San Berdo stated clearly that it was “three white men dressed in military camo garb that did all the shooting, not the couple that was eventually framed for it! There are major unanswered questions about EVERY terrorist event that has ever happened in the USA and when these answers aren’t forthcoming, it is fair game to suspect the coverup as protecting US assets!

    2. That’s probably the most complete collection of bullshit I’ve ever read on these pages beard!

    3. “Comey was one of the low lifes who harassed Ashcroft”
      google, “Comey, Ashcroft, Gonzales hospital confrontation”

      1. Comey was present as acting attorney general and his testimony has been contracted by Gonzales. As acting attorney general he could have issued a statement prohibiting continuation o the NSA spying program, but wouldn’t do it. (Sound familar? – doesn’t want to make a decision but would rather play both sides?) Comey eventually signed off on the spying which has become the basis for the constant spying by NSA with a rubber stamp FISA providing cover..

        1. OK beard, you seem to be full of shit, constantly. Gonzales and Card came to Ashcroft’s room to get him to sign off on NSA spying program but Comey beat them there and Ashcroft refused their request, deferring to Comey (who refused).

          1. Comey was ALREADY acting AG he could have said no to extending the NSA program in the first place. He (and Ashcroft) eventually signed off with minor unspecified changes (according to wikipedia). The fact that he was then promoted and appointed FBI Director indicates what a “Yes” man he was. The “drama” was all a good cop/bad cop theater to make people believe that there were actually some sort of protections added to the spying. Of course what we have learned about the rubber stamp FISA and “upstream” unmasking is that the executive can spy on anybody including the incoming administration.

            As for Ashcroft he was an enthusiastic supporter of the Patriot Act invasions of US Constitutional rights. And he is still profiting from the “war on terror” BS –


          2. What the Gonzales /Card visit to Ashcroft’s hospital room was, was about going over Comey’s head as acting head of Justice Dept. Ashcroft wouldn’t have anything to do with it, but clearly Comey wanted to be on hand to be sure Ashcroft wasn’t being steamrolled by Administration that wasn’t getting what it wanted from Comey.
            You can choose to believe what you want about FISA but it does not allow spying on just anyone (unless there is a court allowing it). You are still full of chit!

          3. You are full of it. They collect EVERYTHING. They read EVERYTHING (how else can they tell who is who, who can be unmasked (e.g. foreign nationals) who must get FISA for further upstream “umasking”. FISA is bass ackwards. You are supposed to get a warrant BEFORE collecting evidence. FISA is just a fig leaf rubber stamp. Certain “officials” like Rice could order unmasking without even getting a FISA. This is 1984 state surveillance, and Comey was part of it.

            BTW, foreign governmets who get access to the raw data (i.e. the Five Eyes”) don’t need a FISA to spy on Americans. OUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK!

          4. You are mistaken beard-Rice cannot order unmasking, she can only ask for it (needing a good reason)! The reasoning is usually due to her needing it to understand the conversation between the foreign person (tapped) and the US citizen caught up in the tapping. This is outside of FISA, by the way, and it is only in the recording of foreigners but since these foreigners can sometimes be talking with US citizens, they get picked up. Why would you call this spying on Americans???

          5. Because, to quote NR article, under section 702 – “American communications are being seized and subject to inspection – however cursory, in the absence of any warrant, probable cause, or foreign intelligence relevance.” They collect EVERYTHING, including telephone conversations using powerful speech/text converters for later searching. Mention “Putin” and it could raise a red flag.

            The term “upstream” is a misnomer, making it seem that a person in contact with a foreigner then his other communications is examined. All it takes is a person to be mentioned and their communication can be searched

            As far as the supposed controls on unmasking the rubber stamp FISA Court itself was stonewalled by the Obama administration as to the scope of unmasking it performed as detailed in various articles including the NYT. What was the impact for these violations – NOTHING. Any “court” or process that operates in secret is worthless as a constitutional protection.

            Libertarians warned people ad infinitum that the increased surveillance powers granted after 9/11 to prevent isalmic terrorism would eventually be turned against the American people. Persons like Carter Page are now being spied on (and smeared) for the simple reason they disagree with US foreign policy.

          6. Pretty much all bullshit, beard. They do not collect everything and you did not respond to my earlier post about Rice. They are collecting most everything involving foreigners but not Americans. If Americans get caught up in those foreign phone conversations, they are labeled as person 1, person 2, etc. and if those involved in National Security ask to know who person 1 is, in order to understand the conversation (relative to national security), they may or may not get that request for unmasking but that really has nothing to do with spying on US citizens.
            How dense do you have to be to not understand that???

          7. You have really drunk the kool-aide. It is as if Edward Snowden never existed. Who substitutes person 1, person2, etc for the names? How do they filter out foreign/domestic communications on the communications backbones (hint: they don’t)? Has there ever been a case where Rice asked for an unmasking and somebody said NO? (It’s a secret.) Why did Obama delay releasing records of unmasking to FISA and when they were released FISA said some of the unmasking was illegal. (Another secret.) Why did Rice lie about unmasking? Why does the NSA operate a 1million sq ft server farm in Bluffdale, Utah with the capability to store the equivalent of 36 libraries of congress EVERY SINGLE HOUR.

            Instead of listening to the MSM, try reading a book for a change. I would recommend “Body of Secrets” by James Bamford. “Dark Territory” by Fred Kaplan details not only the NSA spying on Americans but also the destructive illegal hacking done by the US against foreign entities (including the Russians).

          8. Who cares who substitutes?? This is in order to keep an eye on foreigners for National Security and its done purposely to watch certain foreign individuals, yet not include US citizens (unless their identities are warranted to understand the situation). And Rice didn’t lie about unmasking!!!!
            The rest of your post is as usual bullshit.

          9. Well as long as the US has citizenry that blindly believes that EVERYTHING the government does is in their interest, there is no hope in curbing America’s aggression abroad and loss of civil liberties at home. You can’t have an empire abroad without a police state at home…

          10. “How dense do you have to be to not understand that???”

            Exactly dense enough to care about the truth instead of swilling the national security statists’ propaganda Kool Aid.

          11. Well Knapp, throw us a bone here and give some proof about your accusations about “national security statists’ propaganda Kool Aid.” Otherwise, you too are full of shit!

          12. Bill Yankee,

            The evidence is all around you if you can be bothered to look. If you can’t, well, that’s your problem and not mine.

            If you can read and write well enough and have enough free time to play at smack talk on a web site’s comment section, you can read and write well enough and have enough free time to get your facts straight instead of making yourself look like a douchenozzle ignoramus in public. Have a nice day.

          13. Nice cop-out Knapp! So………………….you don’t have any proof! Why not just come right out and say it????

          14. Proof of what?

            I suppose that your paranoid authoritarian fantasy ravings COULD have some basis other than the usual Kool Aid. I don’t care enough to find out. Interfacing with loons is a hobby that I just don’t want to invest much time in.

          15. OK Knapp, you choose to butt in here with your accusation. I asked for your proof and you suggested its evidence is all around me.
            Now you say you don’t care to find out-as I said, nice cop-out.
            We know who the loon is here!

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