Gen. Mattis Admits Afghanistan Truth: After 15 Years, No End In Sight

Defense Secretary James Mattis was grilled before the Senate yesterday, with Sen. McCain expressing his frustration that there is no new strategy yet to “win” in Afghanistan. Mattis promised a new approach by July, but the real question is that after the 2009 surge of 100,000 US troops, what kind of victory might be achieved by yet another surge, this time of perhaps 5-6,000? In today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report we point out that victory is not possible because Washington doesn’t even have a clear view of what it might look like. How many more billions of dollars wasted? How many thousands more lives lost?

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

4 thoughts on “Gen. Mattis Admits Afghanistan Truth: After 15 Years, No End In Sight”

  1. Here’s how to win: Put all the troops in their bases, not to leave unless called upon. Then take volunteers to put down their guns, don civilian clothes, and go live with Afghan families who sign up to take them in. The family gets money and support in exchange for the housing and things they provide. I think we’d end up with many soldiers who have a vested interest in the people they are supposed to be winning over, and vice versa. As a bonus, the level of human intelligence would skyrocket.

    The song Empty Walls comes to mind. Only you’d get to see from behind those empty walls, as Serj put it.

  2. CLOSE the BASES worldwide!!! Stay home and cut back the WAR MACHINE fuel-MONEY!!!!! I am 67 and have watched the USA destroy a third of the planet!!! The list is ridiculous and morally indefensible!!! The USA is a War Criminal masquerading as a Democracy run by the people!!! The military KILLS in OUR NAME and WE let them!!! Sorry I forgot THE RUSSIANS DID IT!!!!

    1. Fantastic! Very good ! And the State Department spent 5 billion Dollars to organize the coup in Ukraine. Yanks, go home !

  3. Afghanistan: Exhibit ‘A’ from the world wide drug war on the competition..
    Yeah, let’s just leave those hundreds of billions of tax free dollars in the rear view mirror as we (lol) ‘pull out’
    Uh-huh, that’s the ticket..

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