Snowden Part Two: Edward Snowden Interviews Ron Paul!

As our interview last week with Edward Snowden ended, Edward asked Ron Paul a question while the cameras were still rolling that was so important and interesting that with his permission we decided to release the “after credit sequence.” Why so important? As a former intelligence analyst and operative, Snowden wondered how well the intelligence community had done in its mission to keep US policymakers informed on important world events. Congressman Ron Paul had for more than two decades been theoretically a “consumer” of the intelligence community’s products. Were they helpful? Listen to Dr. Paul’s answer in the segment…

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

3 thoughts on “Snowden Part Two: Edward Snowden Interviews Ron Paul!”

  1. I wonder what the percentage of Congress is willfully corrupt (Lindsey Graham) vs uninformed (Walter B. Jones before the start of the Iraq War)? That interview question highlights one way the deep state operates. We the people have to rely on someone taking a risk and leaking out the truth. They are at a risk not only of being caught by the government but by being outed by the journalist whom they have placed trust.

    There is an assumption that the deep state works for America but that is the wrong assumption. It works for the interest of those that have corrupted the system and benefit from the Empire the world over. Its a Banana Empire. It provides mercenary services to politically connected entities from other politically connected entities.

    1. A dictionary defeats USA, USA, USA every time.

      First Blood is First Blood. Might as well force feed Hitler he Treaty of Versailles as a Hitler Strategy and not British and French. And ignore the world had Empires and not Democracy. Using a Democracy Template against Nazi Germany. Boogieman is a name. Being a Boogieman is what you do. Like Britain, France and Italy were GOD Sends. For what they did. Power their only justice.

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