Ron Paul says Let South Korea Be South Korea

President Trump has taken to Twitter again to condemn North Korea’s July 4th ballistic missile test and to chide China for not “putting a heavy move” on North Korea. China has blasted back that tensions are liable to spin out of control if all parties are not more careful. Meanwhile, South Koreans have a new president who claims to be more in favor of dialogue with the North than confrontation. Why won’t the US let him give diplomacy a chance? If, as polls show, 80 percent of South Koreans want more dialogue with the North, why should we get in the way? Tune in today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

2 thoughts on “Ron Paul says Let South Korea Be South Korea”

  1. The only solution to this issue I see is going to be a framework and process modeled after the JCPOA. There’s no way a deal between the USA and DPRK would work or even really have a chance of happening. It has to be an international agreement that no one side can easily break. We see that with how it’s played out with Cuba versus Iran. One deal was ripped up as soon at it could be and the other still stands, tormenting the war mongers on a daily basis.

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