Ron Paul Tells President Trump: Veto This Bill! – Sanctions Lead To War

The US House is expected to vote tomorrow on yet another round of sanctions on Russia, North Korea, and Iran. Russia and Iran are targeted for their role in fighting ISIS and al-Qaeda in Syria and Iraq, which Congress calls “destabilizing.” Russia is also targeted for its involvement in the 2014 Ukrainian coup d’etat, which was in fact started by the United States under the Obama Administration! Will President Trump veto this bill, which will prohibit him from removing the sanctions without Congressional permission? He’s leaning toward signing it, in what looks like a big surrender to the deep state..

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

6 thoughts on “Ron Paul Tells President Trump: Veto This Bill! – Sanctions Lead To War”

  1. Maybe after Trump signs this bill, enough apologists will finally stop defending him. If he signs it, he is a traitor to the Consitution. The vast majority of Congress are traitors, we already know that.

    1. Trump needs to look calmly at the larger picture and not rush to judgment even when pressured to do so. Veto this bill. Do not capitulate!!!

    1. The sanctions legislation is blatantly unconstitutional. Obama didn’t need an act of congress to impose sanctions on Russia and seize Russian diplomatic property in the first place, right? So where did Obama get the authority to do it? Apparently from the constitution.
      Obviously, if a president has the authority to impose sanctions, a president also has the power to lift sanctions; congressional BS notwithstanding.
      Congress cannot legislatively rescind the president’s constitutional power to “make treaties”.
      If Trump was an honest person acting in good faith (which he obviously isn’t), he would veto the legislation and make it publicly known that if congress overrides the veto he will not abide by the law since it is an unconstitutional infringement of his presidential power to conduct foreign policy.

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