Ron Paul asks: Is a Militarized Police the Answer to Inner City Turmoil?

On Monday, President Trump announced he was issuing an executive order to reinstate the transfer of military weapons and equipment to local police forces. A partial ban had been put in place late in the Obama Administration. The weapons transfer program has a long history in the drug war but even 25 years later it has failed to make a difference in that war. It has been successful, however, in further undermining our civil liberties. A militarized police force is all about control, not safety.

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

3 thoughts on “Ron Paul asks: Is a Militarized Police the Answer to Inner City Turmoil?”

  1. Well gee the actual military has done such a fantastic job quelling turmoil in the places that they operate. Surely somebody has actually studied this. I suspect violence is met with violence in a never ending cycle.

  2. No good reason to deny cops bullet-proof vehicles. Or body armor. Or more tear gas launchers. The whole “militarized police” thing is largely hyperbole. I love Ron Paul, and voted for him twice. I do agree that we need to do other things like hold gangsta rappers who promote race-hate, rape and violent crime accountable.

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