Did Trump Call for Ten Times More Nukes?, asks Ron Paul

The media is having a field day with a supposedly leaked report that President Trump called for a ten-fold increase in US nuclear weapons in July. That is the occasion of Secretary of State Tillerson calling the president a “moron,” according to the media. It’s all supposed to point to how ridiculous President Trump is for wanting more nuclear weapons. But who’s idea was the current one trillion dollar nuclear weapons “modernization” plan? It was then-president Obama’s idea. And who appropriated the money to get started? Congress. More on the bipartisan support for military corporate welfare in today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

7 thoughts on “Did Trump Call for Ten Times More Nukes?, asks Ron Paul”

  1. Trump is a fool, but , let’s not forget the provenance of these foolish ideas – from the supposedly “adults” in the room. A pox on both their houses.

  2. There were more fake news from liberal media that do everything to spread hatred against the president. This story was invented by MSNBC. Old media continues to turn off credibility, in the United States as in Europe. Reliable press coverage is currently provided only by alternative media driven by truth activists. Do not overpay corruption workers for a new world order.

    1. Trump says so many dictatorial statements daily there is no need for ‘fake’ news. As for your implied ORDER to not access information unless it’s gotten the Stamp of Approval of His Royal Lowness, just throws more kerosene soaked wood on the fire. Some of us don’t have an agenda imposed from above. Think of the term “RINO” where any Republican who dares to think for his/her self is ostracized by his/her former Comrade. Obey your President or else. The ‘else’ part includes thinly veiled death threats. What do YOU think the term Treason represents? It’s a capital offense. Coming from some really loud Reich Wing Lunatics like Spencer and Duke and Bannon and other Klan-based extremists who have a history of supporting lynch “law”.

      I can’t please everybody with my style of “too much information” writing and neither can anybody who obeys the character-count Twitter imposed model of writing. The Trump-approved extremist views are, to slightly misquote the Bard ‘he doth praise them by faint damns’ and the lunatics like Bannon and oh, who else? Oh, yeah, Sessions have this philosophy that it’s a capital offense to simply be born non-white or even not-their-kind of white. Or where somebody is born. They even sic their rabid jackals on Rand and Ron Paul who are definitely NOT anywhere within walking distance of ‘Left of Center.’ Apparently dissent must be punished. That’s the long way to put it and if you want an apology for the length of the comments, well, here’s something close “I’m sorry you don’t have a very well developed attention span”. IF Trump is the Great Leader then he is deliberately advocating violence by his Disciples because he is very certainly not rebuking them. At least not loudly enough for people to hear.

  3. Paul’s right, the nukes aren’t Trump’s idea. But Like Bushco’s wars and Obama’s ‘humanitarian interventions, Donald doesn’t want to be the first to get soft before he gets the whole package in.

    1. executive orders are a two edge sword and if we are ever blessed to have REAL democracy it would slice all over the place.

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