Ron Paul on Trump and Iran: Have the Neocons Won?

President Trump’s Iran policy speech on Friday was riddled with errors – the kinds of errors the neocons have been peddling for more than a decade. He did not out and out cancel the US participation in the Iran nuclear deal with claims that Iran has violated the agreement. Everyone knows – and it has been repeatedly certified – that Iran has not violated the terms of the 2015 agreement. Instead he claimed that Iran is not living up to the spirit of the agreement and punted the issue down to Congress – against the advice of most of his senior staff. Will Washington’s allies follow suit? Will the deal fall apart? What will Iran do if it is no longer bound by the nuclear-limiting treaty? Will President Trump follow his neocon whisperers down the path that George W. Bush followed in 2003 – to war? Tune in to today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

10 thoughts on “Ron Paul on Trump and Iran: Have the Neocons Won?”

  1. I remember when i used to think you loved liberty, than your son endorsed a globalist, and now I question if they got to you. You’re making no sense, if you look at every cabinet member that he’s replaced, it’s one that the globalists don’t want them to pick. You are compremised, and the veil is so thin we can see right through you, Mr. Paul. We will get our freedom.

    1. “We will get our freedom.”

      From a virulent big-government statist such as Trump? Has he reduced the budget by one penny? Has he even slowed down the rate of its growth?

      As far as the Trump tax plan, it suffers from the same flaws as any other statist conservative policy proposal, it increases liberty for some people, but reduces it for many others. To support such a policy would be implying that some people’s liberty is more important than that of others. The only proposals that a true liberty lover could support are ones in which not one person’s liberty is reduced by even the slightest amount. Compromise on amount is acceptable to a liberty advocate, but NEVER compromise on direction.

      What we need is a reduction in overall spending, for it is the amount of spending which is the true tax burden. Even if marginal rates of explicit taxation are reduced for some individuals, the overall “real” tax burden is still there if spending is not cut, it is simply shifted to debt and inflation.

      “ones that the globalists don’t want him to pick…”

      How is a nationalist statist any better than a globalist statist? What I want is an advocate of liberty, i.e one who rejects both nationalism and military globalism in favor of individual sovereignty.

      1. Yes, and I’m sure you’re behind it now that Rand is ‘all in’. I too am in favor for individual sovereignty. But you can’t have that until you release this country from the grips of globalism. You can’t have borders without nationalism and because of the way they set this world up you can’t go borderless until we have free energy, so you need nationalism or you have globalism- so this is where we are until we have disclosure.

        Have you read the tax plan? I’m curious how you think it’s somehow helping the upperclass without helping the lowercases when the entire tax plan is centered to get businesses to employ Americans instead of outsourcing. I’m well aware of the slyness of our politicians so I encourage everyone to read any proposal themselves before forming an opinion. Right now we tax business exporting our jobs way less than businesses that keep them in the US, reversing this will create massive amounts of jobs for Americans. This tax reduction can not only create jobs but give the ability to business owners to raise wages as well. How is this bad for America? I’m a small business owner, this will benefit me greatly and help me to reinvest the money saved back into the economy. Can you explain how this will increase the liberty for some and reduce it for others as you have stated? And if Rand is now behind it, will you now accuse him of being behind the notion that some people’s liberty is more important than others as you have written above?

        1. “I’m curious how you think it’s somehow helping the upperclass without helping the lowercases when the entire tax plan is centered to get businesses to employ Americans instead of outsourcing.”

          I don’t believe I said anything about it helping the upper class but not the lower class. The fact is, regardless of what economic “class” a person is in, some people will pay more taxes than they currently do, if this plan is enacted. And that is simply unacceptable. “Loopholes” and “deductions” reduce people’s tax burden, and it doesn’t matter what “class” of people benefit from them, they are a relief from the involuntary burden of taxation. We should have more “loopholes”, to the point where nobody is paying any income tax at all.

          As far as Rand Paul goes, he is nothing close to an advocate of liberty. While on many issues he is better than most politicians, he is quite inconsistent, and, if he were president, many people would lose some of their liberty. I could possibly send him a contribution, so as to increase discussion off liberty issues. But I could never vote for him.

    2. “we can see right through you”

      Who the f**k is we? We aren’t all brain dead Infowars junkies here. I’ll take old Ron or even his flip-flopping offspring over your precious Orange Duce any day of the week.

      1. The only way to trim the budget is to stop every God-Damn war in which we’ve been inserted by ‘our’ leaders. We are the cartridge in their rifle, figuratively. And the Industrial Leaders already have massive Tax Amnesty. I’m fond of reminding people that General Electric, like General Motors, General Food, General Dynamics and a hostile Conspiracy of Generals (generally speaking) got so many tax cuts that my brother who loads/unloads refrigerated meat trucks for a living paid 11,000 bux more a year for the past 4 years than General Electric which makes far more money from Military Contracts than they do from light bulbs and other civilian household electric devices. They’ll get their money as long as there are continual Wars. They’re making money from Other People Dying. Reagan “cut” taxes … for the Corporate Overlords. He RAISED taxes for the people who ACTUALLY DID THE WORK TO SUPPORT THE 1%. 11 TIMES. And froze Minimum Wage.

        Take that elitist “trickle down” crap and put it back into your colon. The Corporate Big Pigs aren’t suffering at all but they’re going to get the big tax breaks.

        Want to understand the math behind that mindset? In the first presidential election in the U.S. just over 43,000 white men with property (and some of that “property” was OTHER AMERICAN PEOPLE) out of 4 million actual people. That’s a tenth of a percent. The 1% figure for personal/corporate wealth was calculated by The (bad ol’ socialist commie rat-bastards at the) Wall Street Journal.

        1. Huh? What the Christ are you talking about? I’ve heard of drunk dialing but drunk blogging?

          Sober up and figure out what the hell you’re trying to tell me cause I simply don’t have the f**king patience today.

          1. Collateral damage. The economy is also a hot issue. The budget. The one the Donald can’t seem to balance. And it’s deeply interleaved with the war. The one that kept going and going and going like the rabbit in the battery commercials, non-stop and nobody who makes money from that long continuous war…like the Neos… is going to do anything real about that, because they make money from others dying. Reagan tried the same trick. So did his President of Vice who took over and at the end of his term, and 8 years later his boy took the Neocon baton and ran with it. (They keep using what they claim to be football talk to describe it.) Since the war (singular, each ‘independent’ war just merged into the next, the victims changed but not the villains).got a lot of the budget, the villains reaped beaucoup d’argent and everybody else got reamed. The villains got tax breaks and the working class got tax increases. In the Reagan Regime that happened 11 times. The war-driven deficit just got bigger and bigger. And they’re still doing it. We of the working class are called upon to work for the big-pigs, fight for them and finance the windfall of wealth for the Neos. It’s like we’re paying for the privilege of fighting and working for THEM.

            It’s the upside down economy. It’s not really complex. Buried under 3.75 cubic miles of bullsh1t. Not even hidden.

            Each problem impacts all the others. The budget and voting rights and the war and on and on and on… Hope you’re feeling better. Sounds like somebody (ies) gave you some crap. Happens to me all the time. Varmints, they are. In an advanced and enlightened society it would be legal to hunt them.

          2. Oh, I see. I had it misfiled as a reply on your comment. My Bad. I thought I had done it the normal way.

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