Abolish the TSA as Soon as Possible: Ron Paul Interviews Jim Bovard

The Transportation Safety Administration gets away with what would be prosecuted as sexual assault if any of the rest of us did it. Yet Americans put up with the groping and downright punching of private parts because they still believe the TSA keeps them safe. And when the TSA’s own Inspector General tests how “safe” they keep us? Mock bombs get through 80-95 percent of the time. And when their miserable job performance becomes public? They demand even more money. In today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report – on the busiest travel day of the year – we demand the end of the anti-American TSA and a return to the Fourth Amendment of our Constitution!

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

3 thoughts on “Abolish the TSA as Soon as Possible: Ron Paul Interviews Jim Bovard”

  1. For the safety of the people we need to be more diligent. We want liberty but we want security as well. Too much liberty is bad we need to balance both. However if the officers are abusive then put equivalent discipline on them.

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