Ron Paul on Israel’s Capital: Who Decides?

How will President Trump’s announcement that the US would recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital affect US policy in the Middle East? How might it affect our security, as the move will most certainly inflame and cause anger in the Muslim world? Is there a silver lining? We cover this complicated issue in today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

18 thoughts on “Ron Paul on Israel’s Capital: Who Decides?”

  1. One of Trump’s few redeeming qualities has always been his ability to make America’s true ambitions painfully obvious. Like a small child with a secret, he just can’t help but spill the beans. Far from being the outsider he’s sold himself as, Trump has always been an insider but his indiscretion has rendered him as something of a black sheep among his fellow plutocrats. To put a long diatribe short, all the Republicans and Democrats despise Palestinians, Muslims, immigrants and poor people. The only thing that separates them from Trump is that they’re not quite stupid enough to just come out and shout it.

    So I say, thank you Donald Trump for being a belligerent braying assh*le and showing the world exactly what this wicked country really stands for. Now smile real big while you hold that great big target over Lady Liberty’s face. This will only take a minute….

    1. Hehe, always let the Muslim get what they want because they can get angry. The fact is that they do not wan’t peace with Israel, they are fighting for the total annihilation of the state of Israel.
      Now they riot, when they burn the embassy they have taken it one step further and declared war against USA.

      1. “The Muslims” aren’t angry. “The Muslims” consist of 1.x billion people, some of whom oppose Israel, some of whom support Israel, and some of whom don’t give a tinker’s damn about Israel.

          1. Well, except that the “package” you link to seems to be the Maronite Christian “package,” not the Muslim “package.”

            It’s not that your “appreciation is as dim as mine.” It’s that I understand that people are people, while you think of them as corresponding to the cartoon characters in your imagination. The former come in greater variety.

          2. I also belive that people are people, about the rest we have different opinions.
            I live and work with this every day and I am sure that everyone soon enough will have to see things as they are.

        1. There were two choices. Trump or Clinton, in our current system, anything else is just mental masturbation.

  2. Next is salmanGCC Quds Embassy to collect QKheraj from tourist 50/50 but Abodjor comission is %10 for Amn hamir FREE movements..Arab league is dead hadith

  3. I hate how Ron Paul is fabulous at everything else but Israel. He just doesn’t sincerely like Israel.
    Why is he so pro free speech but think fear of angry Muslims should be a valid reason so censor the US government’s speech about where the capital of Israel is? It is where it is (Jerusalem) and fearing Muslim anger and therefore saying it’s somewhere else is a violation of our right to say what we know and think.

    1. It’s not about “fearing Muslim anger.”

      The US executive branch has tried to style itself an “honest broker” between Israel and the Arabs since Camp David. That’s obviously not really the case, but it’s been the claim, anyway. Since Jerusalem is highly disputed territory, presidents have exercised the “waiver” on recognizing it as Israel’s capital since Congress passed that recognition in 1995 as a token of the “honest broker” claim. Coming down on one side of that question is like the referee in a football game putting on one team’s jersey.

      Would you be saying the same thing if Trump had instead recognized east Jerusalem as the capital of a Palestinian state?

    1. Iran and Iraq have churches and synagogues in their cities. If you wanted to call out ethnic non-diversity you’d have a lot of fun chasing your tail all over the Persian gulf, Arabia, South Asia and the Sinai Peninsula. Hebrew takes in a lot of cousins, Abraham was from Iraq, possibly Kurdish, Turks are generally (nothing is absolute except the absolute foolishness of defining absolute) Greek as are the majority of Lebanese and the Bible describes them as Philistine (Palestine) and boatload of people described as Arab are of Hebrew descent. See Genesis about Isaac and Abraham’s OTHER sons, cousins, and you realize suddenly that ethnicity in that pocket of the Earth’s genetic /slash/ geopolitical is really F.ed up, has been that way for a very long time and you ain’t going to fix it with a few treaties. The Crusaders tried it and wound up killing more Crusaders than they did Jews and Muslims. The Templars leap to mind. I’m not going to meddle in the family feud (s) like the Samaritans, aka the Lost Tribes but they’re alive and as well anybody can be in that hot mess.

      Summary: It’s taken thousands of years to get to this really bad point, NOTHING about it is simple and no simple minded hatred is going to work. Ban Jews, Christians, Muslims, Rastafarians, Coptic, whoever the literally Hell else and you’re digging a hole in water.

      Jerusalem translated to any modern concept means “the city of God’s Peace” and the original name is Salem which simply means Peace. The first time it gets mentioned in the Bible it’s in reference to a war, likewise the Plains of Har Megiddo, and the last time it’s mentioned in the Bible it’s a reference to a War and the plains of Har Megiddo. Even that is not a sure thing, at least in prophecy. Jonah tried to avoid going to Nineveh, there to preach repentance Or Else, because he knew the king of Nineveh was very likely to choose repentance and he hated them. Wanted to kill a bunch of people including Hebrews, even kids. In the end of the narrative, God tells him to man up, stop being such a hate filled crybaby, said He was the one to decide and not Jonah, and the last scene is Jonah pouting about it.

  4. obviously there is a double standard when it comes to Zionism, international law means nothing. As long as you are top dog you can break all the rules.

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