Trump To Release New US Strategy: Will Neocons Cheer?

On Monday, President Trump is expected to release the new National Security Strategy for the United States. Will it rein in some of the global adventurism of the Bush and Obama presidencies? Will it correct the gaping disconnect between what the White House says about places like North Korea and what the Secretary of State says? Will the neocons successfully parlay the document into a road-map for more wars? Today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report is joined by veteran foreign affairs analyst and former US diplomat Jim Jatras to discuss our hopes and fears for this important document:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

6 thoughts on “Trump To Release New US Strategy: Will Neocons Cheer?”

  1. He’s allowing and encouraging the U.S. Puppet Dictatorship to lynch IS P.O.W.s. As much as the Right Wing Nuts like and including Trump hate the North Vietnamese, they didn’t execute the Americans who bombed The DRVN and treated the U.S. POWs far better than the Saigon Puppet Dictatorship did Viet Minh soldiers. So I guess it’s more of the same.

  2. The entire distraction of deficits, budgets and tax reform can be at least clarified when Pentagon strategy is updated. An expantionist, police the trade routes, energy rich regions centered and intimidation strategy means the acceleration to final financial collapse of dollar . The disintegration of the current ‘liberal democratic order’ would be sealed.

  3. The smartest thing President Trump could do is BAN “dual citizens” from working for the United States Government and start to prosecute a few of them for war crimes and watch the rest of them run for the border, the Israeli border.

    1. I can see patterns a lot. That one is disturbing and disturbed at the same time. Any Jewish person is supposedly eligible for Israeli citizenship. Tell that to the Ethiopian Jews and you won’t have to ask anything, you’ll get some startling different viewpoints. Anti-Semitism

      is like Islamophobia and starts at the same political and religious crossroads. Netanyahu is often described as being atheist. Islam and Judaism and Christianity have so many differences between sects, none of which are monolithic. And will be as long as there are differences between individual humans. Look at any website dedicated to hating catholics, mormons, SDA, just for some quick cold shower about any kind of solidarity, especially political, beliefs and just extrapolate them to Islam and other Judaic religions. Or for that matter Tao, Zen, Buddhism, Pagan, Heathen, Wicca…

      I mean, maybe theories about the propensity of one or another religion to violence and chase their own tails, the pattern leads to failure. If you count Fascism as a religious doctrine (The Etruscans and Romans did) or Monarchy and even they have the sectarian differences. So does Racism.

      The point to which I strive to reach, banning any group based on religious or ethnic “difference” has a very long history of NOT working and in the process of tail-chasing winding up biting it’s own ass. If it’s Israel or Saudia or Rome or Washington makes no difference.

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