Ron Paul says Heaven Forbid! China Sells Oil to North Korea!

US spy satellites have detected Chinese oil sales to North Korean ships in violation of UN Security Council sanctions. Will the US demand to board Chinese ships in international waters? Escalation? And why these sanctions in the first place? Does the US and UN really think that freezing the civilian population in North Korea will help them overthrow their leader? Tune in to today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report.

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

7 thoughts on “Ron Paul says Heaven Forbid! China Sells Oil to North Korea!”

  1. Don’tcha know, every drop of oil in the world belongs to Halliburton and their rat-bastard associates. Doesn’t matter whose soil covers it. Or waters.

  2. China has allot of reasons to support N Korea in any military action and selling oil is a dirty business at best. Turkey sold oil stolen in Syria, by ISIS terrorists to Israel. So there are few boundaries in the spot oil market.

  3. silly Chinese don’t know that the US owns the world & all it’s resources & we get to dictate who has what – they are itchin’ for a war!

  4. The Morning Glory seizure on the high seas by U.S. Navy because the cargo (oil) came from a region of Libya not affiliated with the U.S. allies. There was an issue of National Lampoon in the late 70s, titled the “Revenge Issue” with a stereotypical Arab getting smashed in the face with an obviously American fist… One of the suggestions in the magazine was a What If … like what all the US navy “mutinied” and “stole” their ships, we wouldn’t be responsible if those naughty men became the terror of the high seas, now, would we? Elizabeth 1 did the same the same thing to the Spanish…. And that’s their quote. There was a picture of a submarine with a Jolly Roger and a speech ballon “yo ho ho and $2 a barrel for Arabian crude”… and how would that stack up against the Somali “pirates” when they intercept Foreign fishing ships which take anything they want in Somali waters? Germany did that before the US joined WW2. The most famous one was the sinking right off the New Jersey shore of the merchant marine SS Reuben James. Sauce for the goose is obviously not sauce for the gander.

  5. Now they’ve brought Russia into the propaganda, not claiming that China did the heinous deed of allowing the Korean PEOPLE to survive despite the Royal Edict of the US Oligarchy. How terrible that is! Human babies not dying of starvation or hypothermia! Bad Wicked Naughty Russkies! The best part of this is we’ll get to hear a lot of dissembled excuses from the bipartisan power players. Entertainment as the world dies around us. To paraphrase the criticism of Nero, “Piddling while Rome burns”

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