New Trump Executive Order: Good Move or Global Asset Forfeiture?

Last week President Trump signed an Executive Order providing for the seizure of assets of any person or corporation – American or foreign – determined to be abusing human rights or engaging in corruption. In theory, this means if a Chinese employee of Apple bribes a Chinese official, the US government claims the right to freeze all of Apple’s US assets. How’s that going to work out? Tune in to today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

20 thoughts on “New Trump Executive Order: Good Move or Global Asset Forfeiture?”

  1. The US doesn’t even uphold its own Bill of Rights. Methinks the President misunderstands the meaning of “America First”.

    Who decides the rights each human is entitled to, btw? “Human
    rights” is a religious statement. It’s best that each society answer
    that question in its own way….

    It can’t be said enough that Libya today has open slavery thanks to US intervention.

    Red and Blue State both seem to deeply believe the US has the capacity to “help”, that its leaders want to help others. Vanity. And since man wants to be part of something greater than himself, too many Americans just embrace the US state and US corporate authorities.

    1. The global problems such as Libyan slavery were created by globalists manipulation of the situation.
      It was part of their plan, same as flooding Europe with angry “refugees”.
      They are attacking everything that existed before them because they need chaos to implement their grand designs.
      The chaos IS their plan.
      They are evil elitists who see all the little people as mere expendable livestock, useless eaters, and tax slaves.

      1. I suspect there’s much truth in what you say.

        Gaddafi thought himself safe, because he kept migrants out of Europe. But the EU seems to want those migrants.

        It’s partly our economic system and technological trends towards globalisation. This rewards an elite that’s naturally left-wing, Burnham’s type 1 residues / fox traits is what I mean by “left-wing”.

        It’s popular to blame Jews as behind globalism, but even Israeli nationalism is taboo. And the EU clearly sides more with Muslims. It’s just a self-serving, out-of-control elite, cheered on by the atomized masses, who’ve been reduced to unthinking, uneducated workers/”eaters” as you say, who are good at working, serving the system, not asking questions.

        Somewhat though it’s not just elites. It’s also just a trend from technology. We like to believe there’s intelligence behind events, but some things happen on their own, either from a balance of power or from technology and related trends.

        1. If you’ll notice, the convenient technologies that lull us into compliance are all controlled by globalists.
          Banking, social media, internet spying of our every move….

          Information is power, and vast power has become concentrated in the hands of a comparatively small number of elites.

          It’s the kind of power that attracts megalomaniacs like a magnet.
          That’s why the globalist elites are a bunch of control freaks.

          Their megalomania is a sickness not unlike drug addiction and pedophelia.

          They do not possess the proper moral compass to rule the world.

          1. I agree: Broken moral compass.

            And yes, something about the sort of people attracted to become elites in the current order has the wrong selection bias (eg. megalomaniacs).

            At the least, we want a balance of power, so at least evil elites are limited by what they can do, balanced by other evil elites.

            A pursuit of a virtuous elite and of a balance of extremes should be undertaken.

  2. This thing is aimed at dismantling the globalist cabal.
    Freedom is under attack by globalists.
    America is under attack by globalists.
    The whole world is under attack by globalists.

    Obviously, this presidential decree will have to be dismantled after the globalists are defeated, but it is necessary for the purpose of defeating them.

    Doing nothing to stop the globalist threat would be way more destructive in the long run.

  3. “Last week President Trump signed an Executive Order providing for the seizure of assets of any person or corporation – American or foreign – determined to be abusing human rights or engaging in corruption.”

    So when do we repossess Trump Tower?

    1. Or Houston, Dallas and New Orleans. And others. To once more paraphrase the Bard, Corruption, thy name is Halliburton. Whose Directors including two former presidents, and add in Clinton as he -What would we call him, Fellow Traveler? has some really shady operations, and Trump of course…Rick Perry and Greg Abbott, and George Prescott Bush, Jeb Bush (GP’s daddy) and a large number of officially not involved yet vested in attacks both physical and more often in courts invading First Nations lands at will, it’s kind of tangled.

      It’s entirely plausible the Reservations have, by treaty, having the status of municipality, state, territory AND independent nations. Except when corporations acting as independent and sovereign entities want the use of the lands. So does Trumps corporate government suddenly have the power to do a really violent and brutal “hostile takeover” of other corporations? Raw capital eating other raw capital? GP Bush is the land commissioner in Texas, which has more fiduciary powers than the Government and Legislature combined… And every offshoot of that tangled briar patch has Trump’s tendrils tangled in.. Very insidious. Byzantium revisited.
      yeah, I use allegory a lot.Like Jonathan Swift, if he crossed a line between Gulliver’s Travels or A Modest Proposal, stating outright the heinous crimes of the British Union. or Shakespeare parodying relatives of Elizabeth One and James First, they could have lost their heads. Para-revolutionary sentiments forged in the middle of outright tyranny just shout more loudly than allegory in a benign state. Not that I can recall a benign state…

      1. I doubt Trump has much understanding of Amerindian reservation laws. He generally likes eminent domain and seems to trust in past precedents.

        Keystone’s path was already set when Trump came to office, and there are already many pipes in those areas.

        He doesn’t seem to appreciate natural heritage. The US is rich enough to protect its heritage, but as Paul Craig Roberts noted recently: The US is being looted. “Rich” seems to just mean we have more stuff to be looted.

        It is ironic how he upholds America’s white and black (civil rights) heritage but not its Amerindian heritage.

        His calling out Warren for feigning to be Cherokee to obtain a teaching position is at least amusing. Affirmative action counts for little if anyone can arbitrarily recategorize himself without evidence.

        1. On Keystone, Trump ‘divested’ his shares on DAPL and Keystone. After the inauguration. Who bought what he was selling? We don’t have an accurate read on his investments. It got shuffled away about the third week of his regime. No read on his assets. Conflict of interests is an old game but still on the ill side of legal.
          And the favorite sport of fascists.

          As to Ms Warren, in the South somebody who claims heritage in the Five Muskogee Nations is usually right.
          There’s a lot of tension on because there were laws against mixed marriage. Texas didn’t give up their statute until 1972. Passing is still done. It’s not exactly legal to punish people for being born, but a lot of communities do it anyway.
          There’s not much in the way of extra benefits either socially or monetary. Makes for interesting conversation though. That aspect I like. Keep people speaking to each other. Cherokee law does require documents before giving tribal status. There’s a few twists in the issue. The biggest part is family. Extended family.

          I can’t say aye or nay about anybody’s credentials. What really gives me a belly laugh are people who claim pure European descent. War has a way of homogenizing the gene pool.

          1. In the North at least, it was popular to claim Amerindian descent, to distinguish Americans from the Brits. Churchill is supposedly part Amerindian, but perhaps he’s not really. Or at least that’s how the story is told, that the blood was at one point desired.

            Everyone intermarries over time, yes. Enemies have a tendency to intermarry, certainly. That’s why race eventually tends to be a slow transition, except where geographic barriers exist.

            It’s odd to me for someone who’s 1/64 or 1/10000th Amerindian to claim descent. At some point, a person is simply European… I met at college “Amerindians” who got in as such, looked white to me. Odd thing.

            What’s interesting to me, and perhaps a geneticist would say it’s not interesting, is that a Finn or Lapp is part Asian (though only a Scandinavian could discern the difference in traits, with a lot of them). And Amerindians are really just part Asian/part Caucasian, mostly Asian.

            So, a person entirely descended from Europe, I suspect could appear as if part Amerindian, though I’m sure the genetics would reveal the true descent, since there’d have been divergence. To me, Senator Warren looks Dutch or like a pale Scandinavian. A native Saami is likely more Asiatic than she.

          2. Affirmative action of any kind is ridiculous.

            But referring to people whose ancestors came to the Americas hundreds of years ago and who have never lived in or for that matter even visited Europe as “European” is stupid.

            I’m only 1/8 of Native American ancestry. The other 7/8th came from England and Scotland in the 18th century and Ireland and Germany in the 19th century, and at least one of them was Jewish (I assume, but do not know for sure, Ashkenazi). It’s been around 200 years since any of my forebears were born in, or lived in, Europe, and I’m guessing that any of the few who visited there did so as military personnel during one of the World Wars. I’m not European — I was born in Tennessee and I’m an ethnic mutt.

          3. My earlier comments were mostly regarding Senator Warren’s claim as Amerindian and others claiming such status, being rewarded for it in programs. I certainly don’t want affirmative action, but if we’re to have it, then it should be for those who more fully fit in the respective category. At the least, an “Amerindian” should look Amerindian or have a grandparent who looks Amerindian.

            If you look at the supposed gender and racial performance gaps, there are often explanations. For example, there just haven’t been many black programmers trained at US colleges. And women of course often pursue lower paying occupations. Politically it’s useful to pretend there’s a great problem; so studies are done to “prove” a problem exists, when truly it doesn’t.

            I agree somewhat with Amerindian reservations having sovereignty, but politically we mix together more legitimate issues with fictional nonissues. And back to Warren: We also have people like her who appear to have gamed the system.

          4. Regardless of blood descent, I think it’d be neat to have some rooted tribes in the US, who were proud and happy rather than angry and despondent. Maybe tribes and most everything else tends towards imbalance and unhappiness (life as an eternal, bitter struggle), but in the ideal people should be proud and happy, positive, smiling – and not ruled by distant elites.

            A reason there might be a lot of mixing within US whites is how Christians view all of humanity as descended from Adam and Eve. Dual morality is a frightening thing. The rational justification in the US for driving out Amerindians and such was usually religion, what’s meant by “civilisation”.

  4. Off topic, one wonders if the comments here are evidence of the Trump Derangement Syndrome that Justin so eloquently (sic) refers to in his latest column. Non-interventionism has now morphed into support for fascism. Super.

    1. When do we get all the kool geometrics associated with that period, you know, a bit like the Coptic cross, but a distinct fascist one… Even the Hindus got on with that kind of marker.. I suppose it could be one’s I phone’s desktop image…

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