Vice President Pence at Olympics To Prevent North Korea Peace Overtures

US Vice President Mike Pence has announced that he would be attending the Olympic games in South Korea next month with an eye on preventing North Korea from reaping any PR advantage from numerous North and South Korean joint activities. Why is Washington so afraid of peace breaking out on the Korean peninsula? On today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

5 thoughts on “Vice President Pence at Olympics To Prevent North Korea Peace Overtures”

  1. Some very helpful insights into U.S. motivations vis a vis No. Korea & American obsession with perpetual increases in the military budget. We [should] want to deal with the world in peaceful terms, not in on-going adversarial terms.

  2. Of course the War Mongering Neo-Cons are afraid the South Koreans are more interested in making peace than fighting their kin in the North. They really fear South Koreans asking the U.S. to remove the THAAD missile system that threatens China under the pretext of protecting against North Korea.

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