Trump Shifts On Syria, Russia – Neocons Go Nuts!

Over the past week, President Trump has twice emphatically stated that he intends to remove US troops from Syria and bring them home “where they belong.” He also defied his advisors by congratulating Russian President Vladimir Putin on his election victory and suggested a summit meeting at the White House. The neocons have spent the last week furiously attacking these two moves, accusing him of undermining the policies of his advisors. Strangely, they don’t seem to remember that it is the elected president who makes foreign policy, not his/her advisors. Will Trump actually defy the neocons and follow through with these two policy shifts…or will he flip-flop? Join us for today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

30 thoughts on “Trump Shifts On Syria, Russia – Neocons Go Nuts!”

  1. Israel did NOT support the Theresa May allegations!
    The USA had/has NO RIGHT at all to be in Syria.
    Lindsey Graham should not be listened to at any time!
    Julian Assange (whose wikileaks has NEVER been found to publish lies) should be freed but he would be extremely foolish ever to visit the USA!!!
    Thanks to Ron Paul, a decent American.

    1. Assange would be foolish to go back home to Australia as well. America’s biggest kiss ass nation.

      1. Yes,as an Australian I felt shame as I watched our politicians shamelessly lickspittling to the likes of George Bush and the various yellow backed cowards and manipulators who portray ‘American Excellence’.

  2. I believe Pres. Trump has finally come to his senses and shifted 180 degrees on Syria and Russia, and I’m glad he did. The Trotskyists aka Neocons, of course, went nuts; he kicked them to the curb.
    First of all, he’ll be meeting DPRK leader Kim Jong-un at the DMZ for a summit on easing tensions in the Korean Peninsula; second, he already stated that US forces in Syria will be withdrawn very soon; and lastly, he’s just invited his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, to the White House for a face-to-face discussion on the arms race, the Korean Peninsula and the Middle East. Naturally, the Trotskyists would go totally nuts; Trump just kicked them to the curb, something he should’ve done last January, following his Inauguration.

    1. Better review security and protection protocols… We know how the Deep state gets when a President defies them

      1. NeoCons like Erik Prince, who has been his buddy all this time. Not even a government agency but he sure has those kind of powers. His Private Assassination Bureau was given carte blanc amnesty in advance for any war crimes they commit.

          1. yep. I got a big case of the red a## when the first public statements about Blackwater came out. Ms DeVos (she allegedly hates that title) I didn’t pay much attention to that tentacle of the Bush/Cheney operation. Mercenary as a basic definition is somebody who gets paid. Edgy, but not enough. Their mission is to operate as Official Military. But not really. The past century+ tore all hell out of any claim of sovereignty. Especially in regard to republics. The biggest loss since WW2 is there isn’t any pretense of actually wars being declared accord to the Geneva and Hague protocols.

            Men on the chessboard is just the first part of a very large analogy. Any government or political party can be discarded as a “rogue state”.There’s a book “The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire” which got revamped (the base theory) when I was a kid titled “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” using the former work as a model. You could put the name of any Empire or nation or corporation into the paradigm. The operating term is Decadence. Which means “rotting”. I’ve seen and heard the word describing food in commercials. Guess it’s lost it’s perceptual meaning at the retail level.

  3. I find it a little too convenient that Trump has magically rediscovered his populist roots just in time for mid-term elections. This is campaign Trump and campaign Trump disappears the moment the votes are counted. I wish he was sincere but I also wish I had a vagina. I can’t hold my breath long enough to wait for either one. Don’t believe the hype.

    1. He’s tending in the right direction but Gord only knows why. He’s surrounded by some of the tightest asses in America.

    2. The JCPOA comes before midterms so we’ll see what happens with Bolton and Pompeo in his ear. Trump was already against the deal so now there will be no resistance. Add Mattis, who says he’s for the nuke deal while at the same time is trying to get a regional coalition together to stop “Iranian aggression”, and you have a trifecta of Iran super hawks advising Trump. I hope this all backfires and we end up with a peace movement that can’t be stopped. I’ll gladly give Trump all the credit, deserved or not.

      1. Things look bright for Korea and that’s reason for excitement, as is anything that raises neocon blood pressure, but it’s Iran that keeps me up at night.

    3. Yep, if they’re not out by election day he’ll never order them out. He’s a flim flam man.

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      1. Which Jews? According to Moses Israel means in rough english “he would pick a fight with God” and Judah was ‘seduced’ by his daughter-in-law but Moses gave him a pass. It just gets more fractious as it goes along. And the sects of Islam and Christianity are a direct derivative. And neither Islam nor Christians are absolved from the same behaviors.Just the one word “Jews” is often, and I don’t know if it’s “usually” used to blame Jews in general or entirety. But I do know sometimes it is.
        My usual response is an invitation to go talk to a priest or whatever equivalent of the religion(s) and listen to what They Say.. It’s civilized. Tag, everone’s it!

  4. Trump has spoken well of Ron Paul in the past.

    Assange is a hero.

    Sanford used to be crazy about Thomas Friedman… Respectfully, he is not at Ron Paul’s level. I hope y’all can help educate him though.

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