Ron Paul asks: Will Cohen Raid Lead Trump To Attack Syria?

Special Counsel Robert Mueller was supposed to be investigating whether the Trump Campaign colluded with the Russians to get Trump elected president. As predicted it’s gone far off the rails, with a FBI raid yesterday on the president’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen. The issue? Whether Trump had an affair some 11 years ago and paid hush money to the woman. As Trump finds himself increasingly hobbled by his own Justice Department, however, we can be sure that the neocons with whom he has surrounded himself are whispering in his ear what a jolly little war might do for his popularity. The USS Donald Cook is steaming toward a Russian naval base in Syria and the president is threatening to make Syrian president Assad “pay big” for an alleged chlorine gas attack that no one has yet proven even took place! Will the president’s “wag the dog” move blunder us into a major war with Russia and possibly China? Tune in to today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

4 thoughts on “Ron Paul asks: Will Cohen Raid Lead Trump To Attack Syria?”

  1. Trump is already a “war president”.

    We could have a statue built commemorating all of the “wonderful” murders that have taken place in recent years.

    Perhaps, to fully capture the spirit of US freedomising: A statue of a drone shooting a family or a US politician handing a head chopper a bag of money as he saws through a child’s neck.

    Or, a statue could be built of the US killing a terrorist as it creates new terrorists in the process: Something similar to cutting off a hydra’s head only to have new heads replace it.

    Or the US could be commemorated for destroying heritage sites, replacing them with McDonalds, bulldozing over foreign lands to remake everyone into overweight, empty consumerists.

    Obviously I’m mocking these “accomplishments”.

  2. I understand that Trump is in daily battles with his own administration, I understand that some of them are doing whatever to destroy his presidency but oh, how far he is gone from the campaign-Trump I saw as a light and hope. The “chem-attacks” in Britain and Syria are so obviously fake that it is laughable and now to beat the war drums…dear God, the world is crazy ! Totally crazy ! In the old days it used to take at least an assassination of an Arch-duke with wife to start a war, nowadays it just takes some made up stories and videos to start a war.

  3. With his remarks on Monday’s program, Tucker Carlson has become a hero of the antiwar movement. But, for those of us who have been regular viewers, he has been antiwar and anti-neocon all along – positions decidedly at odds with Fox’s heretofore prevailing ideology. With his national platform, I only hope that his ratings are through the roof at Fox. If they are not, then I fear that Fox might do to Tucker what MSNBC did to antiwar Phil Donohue on the eve of GWB’s illegal Iraq war – cancel the show. However, if he is throttling the competition (and I haven’t checked the ratings recently), then firing Tucker might be the end of Fox as the cable news leader. It is heartening that Laura Ingraham, with her 10pm show, is leaning the same way.

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