Ron Paul on Trump Killing the Iran Deal – Who Wins? Who Loses?

President Trump’s statement upon ending US participation in the Iran nuclear agreement was filled with so many objectively false statements that it almost seems the neocons who crafted it were trying to make a fool out of him. The assertion that Iran is allied with al-Qaeda is so brazenly false that it rivals the tallest of the tall tales served up to lie Americans into supporting the disastrous Iraq war. So now with the US out of the deal…what comes next? What will the Europeans do? How will Americans react to the loss of 100,000 Boeing jobs due to cancellation of a passenger airline contract with Iran? We look at some of the implications of the move in today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

15 thoughts on “Ron Paul on Trump Killing the Iran Deal – Who Wins? Who Loses?”

  1. If Europe stands by Iran then Rouhani will have the last laugh and I hope he does. Keep aiming for your foot, Trump, eventually you’ll blow off more than just a toe. Fingers crossed.

    1. WHO decimated Isis;
      WHO brought Kim the rocket-man to heel;
      WHO moved their embassy to Jerusalem;
      WHO is forcing Europe to carry it’s own FAT?

      You have been TRUMP-ed!!!

      1. Iran decimated ISIS.
        President Moon brought Kim to the peace table.
        Moving the embassy to Jerusalem is batshit stupid.
        Europe is still a hostage of the US/EU/NATO triangle but hopefully not for long.

        And YOU have been DUPED. Enjoy your bliss.

        1. Eight months after Trump was elected the isis caliphate is gone,
          Iran didn’t have spit to do with it,
          and 0bama said he couldn’t with out 100K troop.

          Trump brought Kim to his knees, while 0bama/Bush/Clinton only enabled him.

          Moving the embassy to Jerusalem is a game changer, you are just too blinded by hate for Trump and fear he will prevail, … AGAIN!

          Europe is moving closer to P
          Putin because they, like you cannot abide Trump, score another one for Trump. make Europe pull it’s own FAT for a change.

          I, like the rest of the nation, economically and in foreign affairs, LOVE the constant WINNING!!!

          1. Russia, Iran, and Syria did most of the work against ISIS.

            However, I believe Trump has been significant in wanting the US out and in opposing regime change. Trump seems adept at balancing political forces, at least thus far.

            And I’m not sure it’s intentional. The results keep working out. He wins, and I can’t tell whether it’s luck or skill.

            The attacks on Yemen need to be stopped though. That’s a major problem I think.

        2. Comrade Hermit,

          the results suggest Trump has greatly reduced the US empire, regardless of whether he intended to do so.

          He’s still renegotiating trade. That helps Americans, harms the empire.

          And the Israel lobby needed to be given something in exchange for not warring. Moving the US embassy is such a prize.

          Efforts should be focused on getting the US out of the Yemen conflict. And perhaps a campaign could be set up to oppose sanctions on Venezuela: “Let Socialism Fail on Its Own!” could be the slogan to appeal to the Right.

          1. If you honestly believe that the Israel lobby is done warring get prepared to be surprised. Trump is the Jerusalem Candidate. That’s what that massacre on the day of the embassy opening was all about. It wasn’t a coincidence, it was a message- “We own Trump and we can do whatever the f**k we want. Let the bodies hit the floor.”

          2. Btw, what was the book you had recommended? By a leftist, critical of US warring, detailing its failures. I meant to order it. Will order it this time if you post name again. One day I’ll be half-educated and useful :p

            My vision of Trump during the campaign was he’d let Israel do whatever domestically in exchange for an end to the warring. They’re powerful, so he’d just find some way to buy them off another way. That was my thinking.

            Things might work out, because at least some Jews are now openly critical of Israel’s move to the “Right”. Israel can also sure make nationalists look bad, which makes people like me grumble. I’ll refrain from another propaganda rant though.

            Well, I’ll give a new rant I maybe haven’t given you. Communism spread on a dream, then it felt it was proven false. German nationalism was inspiring, but today we’re horrified at the results. So, each movement seems wonderful, until its proven to be human. Israeli nationalism might need to be confronted with its self to become more reasonable. Moving the embassy might be accomplishing just that goal.

            We’ve had a rather bad status quo, so I suspect most any change can lead to improvement. I do hope Yemen changes though.

          3. The book is Killing Hope by William Blum. Blum is a democratic socialist but he’s also a State Department vet and the book is exhaustively well sourced, mainly by disgruntled ex agents and soldiers. It’s still one of my favorite books. I dog eared the original until it fell apart and I had to buy a new copy.

            As for Zionism and German nationalism, maybe you should check out my latest post for my perspective.


          4. What would bring about a unified state? Who would force the issue? The US and Europe are declining. I doubt they’ll be able.

            Goldman was yet another atheist. So many Jews who are praised here end up being atheists.

            Germans weren’t only angry that Jews were weak. Jews were scapegoated, but Hitler at least was angry that Jews hadn’t been patriotic during WWI. And Gypsies tend to steal things, even stole my grandmother’s silver. That’s a problem with a transient society: It leads to crime. You have some interesting ideas. It’s probably correct that troubled nations tend to become harder but also damaged. You can have good hardship and bad.

            Your ideas though read too much like Marxism and Freud. Reading something like “Antifragile” by Taleb might be a good intro to conservative ideas. It might be a virus that infects you. He’s a fun read. I consider him “conservative”, dunno what he considers himself to be. He wants open borders though, as I recall.

          5. Freudo-Marxism is probably as jammed into my DNA as my fluid gender identity. I think it’s kinda cute that we both still think we can convert the other. Oh well, at least we’re open minded enough to converse with each other. America could learn a thing or two from it’s contrarian radicals.

            ….What’s the Taleb fellows full name?

  2. Trump is a hard one to figure. Is he just jockeying for a better deal? Is he listening to the wrong people? People who want him to fail? It could just be bad judgement, but I think that is the least likely. I want to believe Trump does not want war and regardless of how tortuous the trail, he will eventually get a peaceful settlement that will satisfy everyone.

    1. I hope he’s trying to keep Israel and Iran from warring. Russia supposedly wants Iran out of Syria.

      It seems very difficult for Israel to accept Assad remaining in power.

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