Praise for Antiwar Congressman Walter Jones after His Republican Primary Victory

On Tuesday, Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC), who is seeking reelection for what he has indicated will be his final term in the United States House of Representatives, won his Republican Party primary. Jones defeated two other candidates — a Washington, DC lobbyist who holds elective office in the district and one of Jones’ primary opponents from 2016.

Will Rahn wrote a Thursday editorial at CBS News concerning Jones’ primary victory and Jones’ history in the House. In the editorial titled “In praise of Walter Jones,” Rahn refers to Jones as a “man of conviction in Washington” who has been punished by his party’s leadership because of his independent actions, including, Rhan writes, becoming “one of the GOP’s most fervent voices for peace.”

Read Rhan’s complete editorial here.

Jones is a member of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity Advisory Board.

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

4 thoughts on “Praise for Antiwar Congressman Walter Jones after His Republican Primary Victory”

  1. Hurrah for Walter Jones. He has never gone down the slippery slope of other politicians.

    1. This isn’t accurate. He was fully down the slope. He was Walter “freedom fries” Jones. He crawled up the slope after writing letters to surviving family members of troop deaths. He finally realized the waste of life it was. This is what is most impressive about him. He realized he was wrong and made a change in his convictions.

      1. Disingenuous. Walter Jones believed the lies we were all told While I was one of the few that disputed the propaganda, I fully understand how easy it was to accept the claims. I do not fault those who were deceived by a massive campaign. It is easy to fall victim to such lies. I do mean victim.

        Walter Jones had the integrity to examine the premise. Once he did so, he did not equivocate. He did so despite overwhelming pressure to conform. He did not “crawl”. He soared.

  2. The Neocons were out to defeat Walter Jones with the primary the way they tried to primary Ron Paul. No independent thinkers are wanted in the GOP, especially when it comes to war and peace.

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