Massacring Palestinians with Impunity

Originally appeared on The American Conservative.

Israeli forces have shot and killed at least three dozen unarmed Palestinians and wounded many hundreds more in the latest attack on Gaza protests:

Gaza’s Health Ministry says the number of Palestinians killed by Israeli army fire amid mass protests near the Gaza border has reached 37, making it the deadliest day since a 2014 war with Israel.

The ministry says at least 448 Palestinians were shot and wounded Monday, while hundreds more suffered other types of injuries, including from tear gas.

The violence made it the deadliest day in Gaza since the devastating cross-border war between the territory’s Hamas rulers and Israel four years ago, and clouded the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem.

Israeli forces have been using excessive and illegal force against unarmed protesters for weeks, but this is the worst that it has been so far this year. There is no excuse for killing unarmed protesters, and there is no justification for wounding–and sometimes crippling–unarmed people with live ammunition. Gunning down dozens of people in a single day qualifies as a massacre no matter how much anyone wants to spin it as something else. The escalation of violence has been a one-sided affair as Israeli forces have been killing unarmed Palestinians with impunity for more than a month, and the predictable claims of “self-defense” ring more hollow than ever.

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) reported last week on the severity of the injuries that their clinics have been treating:

Even though there is not a war in Gaza, the injuries sustained by our patients are terribly similar to what we see in conflict zones. We estimate that more than 39 percent of our 554 current trauma patients will require long-term rehabilitation, lasting at least until the end of the year. While the majority of our patients are young men around 20 years old, we have treated 98 children and adolescents under 18.

Ninety-one percent of our trauma patients were shot in the legs, many at close range. Several will be handicapped for life, putting tremendous pressure on the already beleaguered health system, impoverished families, and the whole society.

The injuries are similar to those seen in conflict zones because the protesters are being fired upon by Israeli soldiers using live ammunition.

The MSF report continues:

The severity of the injuries demonstrates that Israeli forces are resorting to disproportionate force to incapacitate the protesters. The result is unnecessary damage and suffering.

The report concluded by warning that “an entirely avoidable – potentially even deadlier – blood bath may be just days away.” The bloodbath that MSF feared is happening today. The death toll is likely to go higher than the 37 fatalities confirmed so far.

If it were almost any other government in the world doing this, our government would be condemning it in the strongest terms. Unfortunately, most of our political leaders will respond to the illegal and unwarranted use of lethal force against unarmed people by a US client with a shrug, and as usual the Israeli government will be shielded from the consequences of its outrageous actions.

Daniel Larison is a senior editor at The American Conservative, where he also keeps a solo blog. He has been published in the New York Times Book Review, Dallas Morning News, Orthodox Life, Front Porch Republic, The American Scene, and Culture11, and is a columnist for The Week. He holds a PhD in history from the University of Chicago, and resides in Dallas. Follow him on Twitter. This article is reprinted from The American Conservative with permission.

236 thoughts on “Massacring Palestinians with Impunity”

      1. How many Paly children grow up to be educated and successful citizens?
        Vs, Israeli children?

        The proof is in the culture.

        1. How many chosen ones in the Warsaw Ghetto grew up to be and educated and successful? Read the article again for the truth.

        2. Plenty, when they have the opportunity to get around the illegal theft, subjugation, and destruction of their culture. Zionism has no culture, or even any ties to Judaism. Zionism came to be because atheist twats like Herzl thought that colonizing land, and uprooting an indigenous population for what is an utter fraud being Israel was a good idea…bad idea for the ME, US, and entire world for that matter…

          1. Name on prominent Paley accomplished doctor, scientist, composer, architect, builder, businessman, scholar, please.

          2. The word is “Palestinian.” In some cases it would likely be useful to discern between “Palestinian Arabs” and “Palestinian Jews” (aka Israelis). “Paleys” or “Pales” is not an ethnic slur that I’ve heard before, but this particular comment does out it as unmistakably an ethnic slur, so you will stop using it or you will no longer be commenting at

          3. OK Tom, Palestinians is the word.
            “Pales” isn’t an ethnic slur at all,
            that’s why, likely, you have never heard of it.
            But I am sensitive to your concerns and have adopted your guidance.

          4. Thank you.

            For the record, I usually use “Palestinian Arabs” to distinguish them from Palestinian Jews, aka Israelis. But I don’t belabor that with other people for the most part. For one thing, giving the Jew-haters a little relief valve by allowing them to subtly pretend that only Arabs are “real” Palestinians without having to come right out and resort to hate speech and get banned seems like the most tolerant policy consistent with the guidelines.

          5. Thank you,
            and I will follow your lead and use your distinction,
            “Palestinian Arab” and “Palestinian Jew”.

        3. Amongst your friends you say the same thing about blacks, hispanics and the rest of the goys.

        4. How many Israelis grow up to be decent human beings and not hate filled racists? Proof is in the culture

          1. Israel is more peaceful, more tolerant and more civilized than any other islamo nation you can name.

          2. Israel is less tolerant and less civilized than any nation the planet has ever seen.

          3. Any Firster, let’s start by comparing woman’s rights between Israel and any other Muslim country you like.

          4. Prove that

            I would say they are far better than just about any other mideast nation

          5. As the only “western style democracy” in the Middle East (as they claim), they should be able to do a lot better than compare themselves with just about any other mideast nation.

          6. Hamas has orchestrated violent demonstrations attacking the borders.
            That will get them in harms way, hardly “cleansing”, It is a defensive barrier. Notice no such carnage orchestrated in the West Bank.
            Why the difference? Hamas wanted the carnage.

          7. The people in Gaza live under terrible conditions and have no human rights. It is clear they are desperate. They understand what they face by protesting. They are willing to suffer even further to make a point. Likewise, the IDF was under no real threat by these protesters.

            Civilised people use restraint when they find themselves in situations such as this. Uncivilized people resort to violence and force. Israel has chosen the latter path.

            I used to have great sympathy for the Jewish people in Israel. When I examined some of the rationalization used by those that excuse actions and policies in Israel and the manipulation I found those excuses were often based on deception.

            There is something going very wrong in Israel and elsewhere. A sickness of the heart. A blackness of spirit, an emptyness of the soul. People such as you are vivid examples.

            I will likely not convince you of the merits of compassion. When hatred rules an individual, there is little room for anything else. Hatred consumes a person until only an empty shell remains where once was a human being.

          8. Hamas is to blame for the conditions in Gaza, nobody else. They hold the population in misery to further terrorist designs on Israel. The proof, just look at the West Bank. The PLO isn’t as blood-thirsty, they are just criminal as in living off the contributions from other nations to sustain themselves.

            In local stores they have photos celebrating the latest suicide bomber and in schools children write essays about “Why I want to suicide bomb Jews”. Get real.
            Until Palestinians love their children more than hate the Jews,
            nothing will change.

            Have a nice day sam.

          9. Using Hamas as an excuse for oppression again?

            The Israeli government has a problem with Hamas. The Palestinian people must be punished because they will not accept a collaborative government subservient to the Israeli state. Got it.

          10. Nope. Next you’ll claim I’m anti semitic. Same old garbage. But Israel supports al Qaeda and other Jihadists. By their own admission.

          11. And 0bama created Isis, it’s a silly world.
            “Enemy of my enemy is (temporarily) my friend.”

          12. Hamas is a legitimate resistance movement. Their legitimacy is affirmed by UN resolution 42 as well as internationally agreed principles on the right to resistance to occupation, self determination and oppression. They hold the moral high ground relative to the Idf and the Israeli regime.

          13. Egypt, Jordan and soon Saud will have established peace with Israel.
            it’s time for Palestinians to move beyond hate.

          14. Hamas is a legitimate resistance movement. Their mandate is to concentrate the will of an occupied people against a colonial oppressor.

          15. Hamas is a legitimate resistance movement. Their mandate is to concentrate the will of an occupied people against a colonial oppressor.

          16. Rubbish. A simple reading of modern history and current affairs will provide the facts. There are at least 8 Islamic Arab countries who are infinitely more peaceful and tolerant than Israel. Get your facts straight.

          17. Let’s start by comparing woman’s rights between Israel and any ME Muslim country.

        5. No, the proof is in the comment. Substitute any other race, ethnicity, or religion for your newly minted ethnic slur and it would be recognized as the disgusting KKKesque crap that it is.

          I do apologize to’s commenters that this hatemonger got by for several days, because I was traveling and didn’t have the ability to check comments as often as I would have liked.

          BECAUSE he went on for a while before I noticed and warned him, it is only from this point forward that he risks banning if he continues his commenting guideline violations.

          1. Gee Tom I didn’t realize anyone was offended.
            My apologies.
            “Pales” was just shorthand,
            now “Fakenstinians” that would be over the line.
            Nevertheless, I will abide by your guidance, Palestinians it is.

          1. Hamas caused the riot,
            an 8 month old girl died,
            who in their right mind brings children to a riot?
            Not the PLO in the West Bank,
            that’s a clue for you.

          2. The murderer is blaming the murdered. Hamas is not a separate entity, it is drawn from the grassroots population past an expression of their resistance to the occupation. You’re manufacturing conspiracy theories that somehow they are forcing Palestinians to resist the occupation. Take hamas away tomorrow, and ordinary people will group together to form a resistance movement. Which you and your fellow hasbara trolls will call terrorist. That baby, children, women and invalids were not shot by Hamas, the bullets came from idf weapons. The murderers are the Idf, this is the basis of the law civilisation is based on, to argue the opposite you are attempting to invert all moral principles that form the basis of Western law.

          3. Hamas is notorious for sending women and children into the grinder.
            Hamas needed terrible images to off set the fact that 3 nations moved their embassies. Pitiful, but you play along with it.

        6. Nothing to with culture you fool, isn’t it obvious that Palestinians are under oppression by the Idf and will naturally struggle with success? Eligible students from the west bank and gaza are denied permits to study abroad because of israeli government policy, you’re clearly racist.

    1. How dare they continue to live next to a neighbor who covets their property.

        1. They want their ancestral homes back.

          The homes that were stolen from them.

          1. Israel’s enemies in the mid east launch a war of annihilation in 1948 Attempted War crime

            Sided with the Nazis and supported the Holocaust another war crime.

            And they persecuted Arab jews in response to Israel another war crime.

            The biggest evil in the middle east are the Bathists , Khomeni followers and the Al Qadists and all other similar political types. They can’t be trusted to protect their minorities or govern

            Shame on them and all their supporters in the west.

          2. The animosity towards Jews in the Middle East was triggered by Zionism.

            Ultimately it won’t end well.

          3. That is partially true still . However you saying that Israel;s enemies are blameless in this conflict.

            They are done a lot of bad stuff and if Israel is to be held accountable then so should they .

          4. Declaring a Jewish state in Palestine was THE declaration of war.

          5. There have always been jews in the mid east and before the British the area was the property of Turkey

          6. Yes, and why didn’t the Muslim majority murder them a thousand years ago?

            Because for a thousand years Muslims have shown more tolerance than Jews have shown in 70.

          7. Not about muslims it is about Al Qadia the Bathists and the Khomeni followers

            They cant be trusted

          8. It’s about Zionism. Zionism has perverted the region and the world.

          9. Zionism is not the best idea but dont blame Isrea l for creepy political systems of Israels enemies

          10. Israeli arabs are full citizens. One Israeli arab in on Iarael supreme court

            How are arab jews doing in mideast nations?

          11. Black Americans are full citizens. There have been two Black Supreme Court Justices.

            Will you try to pretend that Blacks in America have the same status in America as White American Jews?

            Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza are in open air prisons with no citizenship rights.

            Jews were doing pretty good in the Arab Middle East until 1948.

          12. They wrre not equal either. Often they were second class citzens.

            At any rarehow are the Jews of Libya doing nowadays? How about the Jews of Lebanon? Next time you look at Dar Yassin be sure to look up the Hebron massacre.

            At anyr ate
            Gaza and the Werst bank are not Isreal.

            They are a war zone. If Arafat had accepted Bill Clintons offer. ( not talking about Camp David)
            there would be no occupation right now

          13. Gaza and the West Bank are Israeli controlled concentration camps

            Israel and Clinton walked away from negotiations

          14. 1)That is false

            Arafat rejects Clinton peace plan


            2) False again

            Ramallah building boom symbolizes West Bank growth


            RAWABI, West Bank — In the newest city in the wannabe state of Palestine, the developer Bashar Masri is putting the finishing touches on his mall. Not just any mall. “A shopping experience,” as luxe as any in Israel, with aspirational sneakers, designer handbags, all the international brands never available here before.


          15. You are mixing up two things — rejecting an offer and walking away from negotiations. If you offer me $500 for something and I say no, $600 is my price, and then you say OK, we can’t make a deal, I am the one who rejected your offer and you are the one who walked away from negotiations.

            Yes, Arafat rejected the US/Israeli offer.

            And yes, the Israelis and the US then walked away from the negotiations.

            Note that none of the above says anything about whether or not Arafat SHOULD have accepted the offer, or whether or not things had reached an impasse such that walking away was the wisest course. But who rejected an offer and who walked away from negotiations are two entirely different things.

        2. Rubbish. They have neither gaza nor the west bank. Get your facts straight.

    2. Well, the Romans occupied the land 2,000 years ago. So if Italy were to drive all the Jews out and lock them in Gaza, the Jews would bring it on themselves were the Italians to massacre them. Zio Logic

      1. There isn’t any “logic’ in that.
        The West Bank is doing much better than the Hamas insanity force in Gaza, that is logic showing it can be done.

        1. The people in the occupied West Bank don’t think they are “doing much better”.

          1. Well they aren’t storming the borders and getting shot, aren’t part of a political terror organization (Hamas) and live in a much more comfortable circumstance. Those are the benefits of peaceful coexistence.

          2. Are you willfully ignorant, or just ignorant? The west bank is under occupation. Palestinians there live under a matrix of idf control enforced by bases, checkpoints and border filtering. These are established facts.

          3. West Bank Palestinians, pay bounties to the murderers of Jews,
            expect close control as a result.

        1. Do you think the Nazis didn’t talk to people in any other countries? Lawrence of Arabia tried to rid the Middle East of British and French colonization, and Arabs hated the Brits and French, and this picture reflects that. What page is that on in the AIPAC Manual?

          1. Actually am against the U S giving 3 B a year to Israel . The U S cant afford it.

            Most other U S polices are justified

          2. Why dont you ask specific questions?

            But anyway for the record i am against the U S giving Israel 3 B a year the U S cant afford it.

    3. Sure…and the Palestinians also have nukes!! Give it a rest lapdog, the Zionist menace is living on borrowed time. While we are waiting bulldoze the trash dumpster that you call home for an illegal Israeli settler!!

      1. The Israelis have nukes, and have never threatened to use them,
        if Iran had them, we would be hearing more of that “Death to Israel” chanting.

        That’s the deference between a civilized country and one run by islamo-nut-jobs.

    4. Sure, just like they brought the occupation on themselves and all those massacres when Israel was first formed. If you think Palestinians bring this violence on themselves you are ignoring all the violence that Israel metes out any time it feels “threatened”. Go back and hide under your rock moron!

      1. Tisk, tisk, tom, no need to sink to name-calling.
        The fact is the West Bank
        (without terrorist leadership) has suffered none of the claimed injuries.
        That is the difference,
        Hamas has orchestrated this massacre, they love war,
        Fatah, not so much.

        1. The West Bank Palestinians, although treated in an apartheid manner by Israel, has not been put on a starvation diet like one of the most densely populated areas of the World – Gaza. The West Bank Palestinians only have to fear orchards being burned, settlers killing them, walls, new roads for the chosen ones, and being further ethnically cleansed.

          1. Well peace talks are an option assuming the Palestinians can agree that Israel does have a right to exist.
            Celebrating suicide murderers,
            might not be a good start point for peace talks.

            Ya see Israelis don’t do that.

          2. Peace talks are never an option with Israel. Israel cannot exist in peace with Palestine because its basis requires the oppression and removal of the pre-existing inhabitants of that land.

          3. 3 million Arabs live in the West Bank together more or less, with Jews/Hebrews. While not ideal, it is a significant improvement over Gazans.

          4. You say this as if it’s any less of a crime. Should the idf get a peace prize for this?

        2. Your ignorance of commonly established facts is astonishing. Children being shot in the back buy the idf, girls being jailed for standing up to armed soldiers with a slap, invalids being jailed for being related to protesters, family homes being bulldozed. You’ve never read any news coming out of the west bank, have you ? You’re content to swallow the Israeli government propaganda aren’t you?

    5. How dare they protest living in cage with their homes beyond a fence stolen from them…

      1. Jews occupied the land before there was name Palestinian was invented.
        You want to be misinformed.

  1. As in the words spoken to Ray McGovern as he was nonviolently protesting torture.

    “Stop resisting”


    1. Ramallah building boom symbolizes West Bank growth

      RAWABI, West Bank — In the newest city in the wannabe state of Palestine, the developer Bashar Masri is putting the finishing touches on his mall. Not just any mall. “A shopping experience,” as luxe as any in Israel, with aspirational sneakers, designer handbags, all the international brands never available here before.

  2. This proves that Iran had better get itself nuclear weapons and the means to hit Israel with them. That is the only thing Israel understands.

  3. Genocide. Fascism. This is Israeli today. And they have captured Washington. Evil.

    1. Genocide. Fascism = Israel’s enemies The Bathists The Al Qadists and the Khomeni followers

      1. The fascists that run the IsraeIi occupation regime have committed ethnic cleansing , mass murder of innocents and are only short of genocide because Palestinians still hang on to life. The regime of Israel are long time supporters of fascist, murderous regimes like Saudi Arabia, the Shah’s Iran, Apartheid South Africa and so on.

  4. The most IMMORAL army in the world, not any different from ISIS and related terrorists. Full stop!

  5. may God rest the souls of all the Palestinians that have been killed by Israel. AND God will free Palestine.

  6. This once civil and reasoned group has devolved into what I remember the AOL chat rooms being. I left them because of the hate and bigotry and I now leave this group for the same reason – I’ve got better things to do thanrummage around in the swamp. Tschüss…

  7. No it wasn’t since the British were the controlling authority
    and before them Turkey was the controlling the authority

    Plus the Palestinina sided sided with the Nazis and supported and encouraged the mass murder of Jews during WW II That is a WAR CRIME

    They launched a war of annihilation in 1948 another WAR CRIME

    And Arab Nations persecuted arab jews in response to Israel ANOTHER WAR CRIME

    Hamas , Al Qaeda , The Bathists and the Khomeni followers and all the similar political types are all fascist bigots who can’t be trusted to protect their minorities or govern shame on them and their supporters in the west

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