Trump Yields To Bolton, Cancels Kim Summit

After repeated references to the “Libya scenario” for North Korea – a point not lost on Pyongyang considering that the US destroyed Libya and killed its leader – the North Korean government finally struck back verbally, calling US Vice President Mike Pence a “dummy” for again warning that North Korea could end up like Libya. That was enough for President Trump to cancel next month’s historic summit meeting. Does following the neocons make Trump look tough…or weak? Tune in to today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

10 thoughts on “Trump Yields To Bolton, Cancels Kim Summit”

  1. Trump didn’t “yield to Bolton.” Trump is just following long-standing orders from his masters. Bolton, just like Trump, is merely an actor on a stage.

      1. I disagree. He has no actual “power”. Our deep state masters rule us from behind a facade of diabolical dialectics, and that’s why they need Bolton and his trademark extremism.

        1. Perhaps, he’s certainly in a position to pull the levers. His boss so to speak may indeed remain nameless. I bet he has a bunch of funds in the defenses industry though.

          1. Bolton is there so that when Trump’s handlers tell Trump to do something really bad, it can be attributed to the influence of Bolton, rather than be blamed on the innocent-naive-babe-in-the-woods-fickle-decision-maker, Trump, or Trump’s behind-the-scene gamesmen themselves. That’s all.

          2. He has no more “power” than any other appointee. He’s there because of the dialectical value that his well-known extremism brings to the psychological war against humanity.

  2. Trump shows how ignorant he is and shows how terrible he is negotiating. How on earth does he select NEOCON Bolton as his NSC adviser? And how does Trump rely on an ignorant uneducated propagandist Hannity to do his bidding. Total disaster!

  3. John Bolton is a scourge on US politics. He has done the most to boost the war effort of US actions. Get rid of him. That would help end the warrior mentakity of the US.

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