Trump-Putin Fallout: Bipartisan Hysteria Against Peace

Former CIA director John Brennan thinks President Trump’s meeting with Russian president Putin is “treasonous” and he – disturbingly – warns him to “stop it.” Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) actually calls for the military to move against its commander in chief, who he claims is “in the hands of our enemy.” Others have called the Trump-Putin meeting “another Pearl Harbor.” The mainstream media churns out exactly the same headline: Trump threw the intelligence community under the bus” by meeting with Putin and expressing skepticism over claims that the Russians hacked the 2016 US presidential election. What’s behind the hysteria? Tune in to today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

12 thoughts on “Trump-Putin Fallout: Bipartisan Hysteria Against Peace”

    1. That’s the thing. Trump is an arse, a boor, creepy, and he has allied himself with the know-nothings. But to say that he is treasonous and that his platform is devoid of anything useful is pretty weird given how many of us have wanted to end NAFTA and to get out of the World Police business. For us to be bombarded constantly with screams of “treason” is a remarkable show of hysteria and IMO circumstantial evidence that there is, in fact, a deep state in the USA that fights viciously to preserve the ideological hegemony of permanent war.

  1. This is nothing less the McCarthyism redux—except with the leftist media and establishment in the vanguard, and the tradcons in the rear.

  2. This is nothing less than McCarthyism redux—except with the leftist media and establishment in the vanguard, and the tradcons in the rear.

      1. If you swallowed that one whole, why not this one also? Both occurred for the same motivation, feeding a warfare state, and by the same means, constant repetition of lies until most folks are intimidated. The fifties witch-hunt broke the back of labor’s political power in this country, abetted by the unions themselves.

        1. Because back then, communist infiltrators aided the Soviet nuclear program. Today they supposedly bought facebook ads or something.

          1. That’s what was claimed back in the fifties, the assumption being they weren’t capable of doing it on their own, more cold war propaganda. What Julius Rosenberg passed on were minor details. Ethel’s execution was a judicial lynching. We as a nation have gone though these panics periodically, whenever a war that is planned is known to be unpopular, viz., the hatred of all things German, food, language, the search for hidden spies, saboteurs, damaging the war effort, etc. in the period leading up to WW I, seems to work every time.

      1. Obviously, I wasn’t referring just to the DNC; but to most media outlets along with many political figures. Whether you consider them leftist or not depends where you happen to stand on the political spectrum. But from my point of view, the Left betrayed liberalism years ago. I refer specifically to modern feminists, SJWs, and other assorted ideologues who have lost the capacity for tolerance, sincere introspection, or honest discourse. While tradcons may have represented the greatest threat to freedom of expression back in the 1950’s, today the situation has become inverted. It is now the left who propagates this PC culture, and tries to silence all dissent by calling it “hate speech”. Why then, should I feel affinity for some bourgeois cult who wallow in a perpetual sense of victimhood and entitlement?—who seem incapable of engaging the world on a factual basis, or accepting true intellectual diversity?

        1. I agree with you almost entirely but insist that identity politics are neither “left” nor progressive. On the contrary, it is deliberately propagated to create division to thwart the organizing and solidarity necessary to promote progressivism.

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