Scott Horton says “I’m Quitting Twitter”

As Dan McAdams was saying yesterday on the Liberty Report, Twitter has demanded that we hit their Soviet BF Skinner button to delete our terribly offensive tweets, which at least in my case have been deleted from my feed by Twitter already, in order to begin the 12 hour countdown to having our access to our pages restored.

But I don’t like it when people tell me what to do. If they go ahead and unblock me because of the complaints, I’m still going to do my best to avoid going back. I’ve been wanting to quit Twitter anyway. It’s a worse cesspool of whining about bullshit than it’s always been and I have wasted way too much time on it. Instead I’m going to work on, the Libertarian Institute, and start knocking out a ton of books I’ve been needing to catch up on for interviews. Yall can still find me here, at the Libertarian Institute, and at

Author: Scott Horton

Scott Horton is editorial director of, director of the Libertarian Institute, host of Antiwar Radio on Pacifica, 90.7 FM KPFK in Los Angeles, California and podcasts the Scott Horton Show from He’s the author of the 2017 book, Fool’s Errand: Time to End the War in Afghanistan and editor of The Great Ron Paul: The Scott Horton Show Interviews 2004–2019. He’s conducted more than 5,000 interviews since 2003. Scott lives in Austin, Texas with his wife, investigative reporter Larisa Alexandrovna Horton. He is a fan of, but no relation to the lawyer from Harper’s. Scott’s Twitter, YouTube, Patreon.

11 thoughts on “Scott Horton says “I’m Quitting Twitter””

  1. So what I am gonna do is take what you and PVB write and repost it on Twitter. Though my following is minuscule.

  2. Thank you for all your on-line efforts Scott.

    The fundamental problem with the prevailing social media model is that the user is the product, not the customer. It is sad that an entire generation is growing up with a reading comprehension that doesn’t extend beyond what fits on the confines of a single smartphone screen, but hopefully Twitter’s incorrigible net-nannyism will wake up more people to the necessity of finding communication channels where they can function as intelligent, independent human beings.

  3. I don’t have a twitter account but I read the posts of a few people directly and I consider their posts valuable. I’d get more or less the same value if they just posted to an rss feed instead. The same with facebook. So I suppose Twitter is useful if you use it in a certain way.

    Scott Horton interviews on the other hand I download and put them on in the car :)

  4. Boycott Twitter. All opponents of the recent ban should use alternatives. Many listed below.

  5. Good for you, Scott Horton. I have admired from afar your intelligent reportage since about 2006, when there was both Scott Horton, and in a friendly competition, “the real Scott Horton.” I was tossed off Twitter almost from my first twit, which I thought was about right. Yesterday I tried to regaain use of my twits, so far to no availl I think I am not enough of a twit, or too much of a twit, to qualify for their services. Either way, it is a good sign that a person I respect much as I respect you is getting quitteds by the top twits, or whatever the big dogs at twitte-vilifiction are called. to quit twit or not to twit quit, that is the answer.

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