Why Did an American Hit Squad Kill Politicians in Yemen?

While Washington is in a frenzy over the apparent Saudi government murder of a Saudi Washington Post journalist, little attention is being paid to news that the United Arab Emirates hired an “guns for hire” company founded by an Israeli-American to assassinate members of a political party in Yemen. Pentagon and CIA trained special operations troops were used to carry out the assassinations, including a plan to blow up the party’s headquarters building. While Russian involvement in our elections has yet to be proven, certainly blowing up a foreign political party headquarters and assassinating its leaders qualifies as election meddling. But it’s Ok if we do it? Tune in to today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

7 thoughts on “Why Did an American Hit Squad Kill Politicians in Yemen?”

  1. The purpose of government (ideally) is liberty. The purpose of the state is to convince the people that they need a hierarchy to run a government. It’s a conspiracy of illusion that relies on the spectacle of violence to keep people too terrified to realize their collective and individual potential. War is still the most effective way to establish this sense of civilian helplessness. The bigger the state, the more war they need to justify their existence and they don’t come any bigger than the American Empire. By big, I don’t mean geography (Greenland’s not starting anything) or even population (China’s too busy trying to maintain control of their own population to get adventurous) but rather a states scope of influence. Both Saudi Arabia and Israel maintain a vast scope of influence inspired by the handlers who birthed them (US, UK). As this influence expands, which it needs to to justify the state’s existence, it inevitably runs afoul of the influence of other big states, including its own so-called allies. When it all comes down to it, there is no such thing as allies in the empire game, only future rivals/enemies. This is how the state reproduces. Like a predator who’s prey become future predators, an empire’s most ambitious colonies grow to take it’s place. The British Empire begat the American Empire and America begat Israel and Saudi Arabia. Any empire’s greatest weakness is it’s thirst for power, however, and the Saudis thirst has already overwhelmed its capabilities. Iran has there number. Israel remains more elusive.

      1. The propaganda excuse for government is that it exists to protect property. The actual purpose of government is to facilitate the flow of wealth from the pockets of the productive class to the bank accounts of the political class.

        1. With all the left wing rubbish that is posted at Antiwar, I had forgotten it’s really a wacky Libertarian site. Thanks for reminding me.

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